Wilmer Valderrama To Halt All Communication With Ex Demi Lovato, Doesn’t Want To ‘Jeopardize Her Recovery’

Chris PizzelloInvision/AP Images

Wilmer Valderrama was one of the people who was constantly by Demi Lovato’s side following her nearly two-week hospital stay after an apparent overdose. Now that his ex has left the hospital and is currently continuing treatment in rehab, he’s decided to keep his distance as he doesn’t want to “jeopardize her recovery.”

According to a recent report by Hollywood Life, Valderrama, 38, has decided that the best way for Lovato, 26, to receive the help that she needs to get her life back on track is for him to temporarily cut off all ties of communication with her until her time in rehab is complete.

“Wilmer isn’t going to be visiting Demi in rehab. He’s also made the decision not to contact her directly while she’s undergoing treatment, as difficult as that has been for him. He knows how important it is for Demi to get better, if she doesn’t get sober the chances are she will die. She has to focus fully on her treatment right now, so he’s not going to do anything that might jeopardize her recovery,” a source claims.

As many of Lovato’s fans know, the former Disney Channel actress was found unresponsive at her Hollywood Hills home last month after a night of partying led to an overdose. Paramedics rushed the “Sorry Not Sorry” singer to a Los Angeles hospital where she spent almost two weeks getting her health back.


The That ’70s Show actor was reported as having visited her many times throughout her stay. Despite the fact the former couple, who dated for six years before ending things in 2016, are no longer together, sources have reported that the two still love and care deeply for one another.

While Valderrama may no longer be visiting the “Sober” singer on a regular basis, that doesn’t mean he’s not going to continue to inquire about her progress.

“Wilmer is talking regularly to Demi’s mom. He checks in with her every week at least to make sure that she’s doing OK, and when Demi leaves treatment he will totally be there for her, as her friend,” the source adds.

In the meantime, Valderrama has been keeping himself busy by settling back into his daily routine. He was recently spotted heading back to work for his show, NCIS. He also shared videos of himself working out in the gym via his Instagram Story. Valderrama also recently made his first public appearance since Lovato’s overdose when he was seen walking the red carpet at a charity event.


“Wilmer still has a lot of love for Demi, and he always will, but their relationship was very co-dependent and he knows that for her to get truly better she needs to do so on her own, he can’t fix her, she’s the only person that can do that,” the source concluded.

Even though Valderrama and Lovato are reportedly not on speaking terms at the moment, there is a possibility the Charming actor might have made an exception on Monday as Lovato celebrated her 26th birthday.