Stormy Daniels Airs Her Side, Explains Why She Left ‘Celebrity Big Brother UK’

Damairs Carter/MediaPunch /IPXAP Images

After reports suggested that Stormy Daniels walked out of Celebrity Big Brother U.K. just hours before she was scheduled to appear on the long-running show, there were numerous rumors that swirled regarding the reasons she left. Some sources alleged that it was related to money, others claimed that she threw multiple tantrums ahead of the shooting and wasn’t comfortable with the White House-styled room that was created for her, and there were also reports hinting at custody issues between Daniels and her estranged husband. But as Daniels herself said in an interview with a U.K. talk show, it was indeed the latter reason that forced her to back out of her appearance.

According to the Express, which quoted Stormy Daniels’ pre-recorded interview on ITV’s Loose Women, the former adult film star shared her “biggest fear” with the show’s hosts, explaining that she is concerned about the possibility her daughter, Caiden, might be impacted in a “negative way” by reports on her high-profile lawsuit against President Donald Trump and his now-former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen.

“I felt like owning it and standing up and saying, ‘I’m not ashamed, this is what happened, I will not be bullied’, telling my side, inspiring other women to tell their stories and stand up for themselves and their own situations in their lives.

“My daughter knows that a long time ago I knew… first of all, she knows that Donald Trump is the president. She knows that mommy knew him.”

Regarding her decision not to appear on Celebrity Big Brother U.K., Stormy Daniels reiterated her previous claim that it was an important development in her daughter’s custody case that left her with no choice but to back out. She alleged that Channel 5 officials did not allow her to carry out her original plan, which was to appear on the show’s season premiere to apologize to fans who were looking forward to her appearance.

“They came back a couple of hours later and said, ‘You’re either going to go on and stay in the house, follow the contract to a ‘T’ or we’re deporting you in the morning at 6 a.m.,'” said Daniels.

The Loose Women YouTube account also posted a seven-minute excerpt from the pre-recorded interview on Monday, which had the hosts emphasizing that Daniels was not paid to appear on the show. In the clip, which focused on the Celebrity Big Brother issue, Stormy denied that she left because of money issues, explaining that she instead requested that her talent fee be donated to charity. She also shot down the rumors that she had lost her temper at the show’s producers, among other people, that the Daily Mail had previously reported on.

“I woke up this morning to all these crazy claims that I was abusive to someone there. Absolutely not true. [The claims] that I demanded more money? Absolutely not true. As a matter of fact, I tried to give away all my money.”

Channel 5’s official position on the matter is that Stormy Daniels left Celebrity Big Brother U.K. after she informed producers she no longer wanted to enter the house and was not able to come to terms with the alternative options that were offered to her. The network stressed that the rumors of Stormy demanding more money to enter the house are untrue and that the focus now is to make a “brilliant series” with the “fantastic” celebrities who had previously signed up to do the show.