Trump Praises Border Patrol Agent’s ‘Perfect English,’ Says Democrats ‘Don’t Mind Crime’

Win McNameeGetty Images

During a White House event honoring immigration and border protection officers on Monday, President Trump delivered a speech, in which he applauded a border patrol agent for his “perfect English” and claimed that Democrats “don’t mind crime.”

According to Politico, President Trump began his speech by criticizing Democratic lawmakers’ calls to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement, asserting that a “blue wave” would inevitably result in open borders.

“Sadly, in recent months — incredibly, I have to say, incredibly, a coalition of open-borders extremists — and to me that means crime, people that don’t mind crime — they’ve waged an unprecedented assault on American law enforcement, our greatest people, threatening ICE and Border Patrol for performing their duties admirably and for defending our country from horrible people and horrible, horrible events and crimes,” Trump said.

The president also claimed that Democratic politicians, who do not support the construction of a border wall, are essentially “people that don’t mind crime.”

“They have no courage, they have no guts,” he added. “They just have big loud mouths and we don’t want to put up with that.”

Then, going on to address his guests, the various agents and officers of ICE and Customs and Border Protection, the president said, “I just want you to know that you’re loved. You’re loved and respected.”

Afterwards, Trump invited a Border Patrol agent onto stage with him, who recently pulled over a tractor trailer traveling to Texas with 78 migrants on board. Introducing the agent solely as Adrian, President Trump urged the man to join him on stage in the White House East Room and said, “You’re not nervous, are you? Speaks perfect English.”

In a video of the event, the agent, who is an English-speaking U.S. law enforcement officer, is seen wearing a name tag, which readily identified him as Adrian Anzaldua.

Throughout the event, which was titled a “Salute to the Heroes of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Customs and Border Protection,” the president also continually referred to the Customs and Border Protection agency, whose acronym is CBP, as CBC, despite the fact that he was reading from a teleprompter.

Continuing his criticism of Congressional Democrats, President Trump added, “Leading members of the Democrat Party have even launched a campaign to abolish ICE — in other words, they want to abolish America’s borders.”

“Blue wave means crime. It means open borders. Not good,” he said.