Former Child Star Dylan Sprouse Now Makes Mead In Brooklyn

Rich FuryGetty Images

It’s become commonplace to read about former child stars in the news, but very often it isn’t for anything good. But while his twin and former Disney star brother Cole is on the popular show Riverdale, Dylan Sprouse is doing something sweet, and that’s working with honey to make a drink from medieval times.

Vanity Fair reports that Dylan Sprouse, 26, is no longer part of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, and is now into the sweet life of honey bees because he spends his days in a two-story space at the William Hale Hotel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, with his company, All-Wise Meadery. The company creates craft mead, which is an alcoholic drink made of fermented honey. Sprouse is hoping to add a stage and a performance space to his part of the building, but for now, he is turning out batches of his handcrafted mead.

Dylan Sprouse has been working for over two decades and believes it’s important to invest what you make.

“I think that if you are an actor, or you are an entertainer, and you don’t invest money in something that is more stable than the commission job that is acting, then you are a fool.”

And it’s not just Sprouse’s taste in beverages that is seriously old school. He explains that his taste in jewelry runs toward Norse and “proto-Germanic” styles.

“All of my jewelry and all of the symbology and stuff that I like is mostly from ancient Scandinavia or proto-Germanic stuff. Well, this is kind of grim, but doom can really be at hand at any time. So I’m married to the idea that I can get eaten by the wolf any day.”

Sprouse explains that the meadery provides a steady paycheck, and he’s okay with the fact that it has nothing to do with entertainment.

“I think it’s a very conscious effort to do something that’s not acting.”

The first movie where most people noticed the Sprouse twins was the Adam Sandler film Big Daddy (remember Scuba Steve?). From there the two worked steadily for years, either both playing the same part and then, eventually, acting together on the Disney Channel. Both Sprouse brothers graduated from NYU (Dylan has a degree in video game design and Cole in archaeology), but Cole has jumped back into acting, and Dylan says he’s not interested in being on television anymore.

“I gotta be real, obviously Riverdale has been a huge success for him. I know I don’t want to be on television. It’s a hard job. Cole has a hard job, it’s not easy, and it’s nine to five, day in and day out.”

At this time, Dylan says he’s happy doing something he loves that also allows him to earn a living and invest in his future, which is what he was looking for after graduating from college.

“I was thinking about ways to invest my money, and I thought, ‘Well, if there’s anything to invest your money in, alcohol is not a bad thing to invest in.'”