‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Monday, August 20: Valentin Questions Madeline And A Big Revelation Is Teased

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital spoilers for Monday’s show suggest that Valentin may be on the brink of getting information that could finally pave the way for a reunion with Nina. So far, he has been denied at every turn as he’s tried to win her back. Now, however, he’s taking a different approach and fans will not want to miss this episode.

During Friday’s show, Maxie and Nina visited Madeline as she continued her sentence behind bars. Madeline started off sounding as if she truly wanted to make amends with both ladies. However, her true motivations became apparent when she talked about wanting support at her parole hearing. Now, General Hospital spoilers reveal that she’s facing another visit and this one is from Valentin.

ABC shares the sneak peek showing part of Valentin and Madeline’s visit from Monday’s episode. It looks like he will quickly get to the point of his visit: He believes that she has information he can use. General Hospital spoilers reveal that he’ll start talking about Nora Buchanan and her record of successfully representing inmates as they face parole boards.

Madeline will say that she doesn’t have the resources to hire someone like Nora. However, Valentin will tell her that he does have the resources and that Nora will take his phone call. Obviously, he would want something in return and Madeline asks what that would be.

Valentin will explain that he has read Nina’s medical records from the 20 years she was in a coma. General Hospital spoilers tease that he will suggest that the records seem as if they were written to fulfill a specific narrative, and Madeline will play innocent as he works through his theory.

Soon, Valentin will reveal that he doesn’t think that Nina had a miscarriage with that pregnancy. Rather, he’ll detail, he thinks that Nina gave birth to that baby and that the baby survived and he’ll want Madeline to come clean. Fans have been speculating about this very scenario for quite some time now, and it looks like it may finally be addressed.

According to Soap Central, this week Madeline will reveal a stunning family secret to Valentin. Will she admit that she lied about Nina’s miscarriage in exchange for getting legal help to get out of prison? Soon Valentin will turn to Curtis for help, so it sounds as if he’ll utilize Curtis’ investigative skills to gather more information about this.

Of course, the big question is, who is Nina’s child if indeed she had her baby? Fans have been buzzing about a twist like this for a very long time, with Kiki and Nelle being the prime candidates in many proposed scenarios. Nelle would seemingly be a less likely prospect now that actress Chloe Lanier has left GH, but this could be the ideal time for Kiki to learn that Nina, not Ava, is her biological mother.

Granted, it could turn out that Nina’s child is someone else entirely or Valentin may learn that Nina’s baby didn’t survive after all. However, General Hospital spoilers hint that after all of this waiting, viewers will finally see the storyline play out that allows Nina to be a mother after all these years of heartbreak. Since Kiki and Ava are at war at the moment, it could be healing for both Kiki and Nina to discover their biological bond.

Will Madeline tell the truth to Valentin and will it be that Nina’s child is still alive? If so, will it be Kiki, Nelle, or someone else who is the child Nina thought had died? Stay tuned for additional General Hospital spoilers as this storyline proceeds to see where the writers are headed with this one.