‘Bold And The Beautiful’s’ Karla Mosley Is Leaving The Show, Suggests Jacob Young

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

Jacob Young has implied that Karla Mosley may be leaving Bold and the Beautiful. On Sunday, August 19, Young re-posted a tweet on his Twitter feed and added the caption, “This takes the cake…..”

“… Do you think Rick should have been there for his baby sisters wedding?? Perhaps just to say, I love you and congrats? What’s your thoughts?… “

Young expressed his bewilderment that Rick, who attended his sister Hope’s (Annika Noelle) wedding to Liam (Scott Clifton) three months ago, would not attend her wedding now. Instead, Donna (Jennifer Gareis) and Bridget (Ashley Jones) are attending the young Logan’s wedding.

However, Young broke even bigger news on his Twitter feed upon answering a fan, Dre Smith’s, comment.

“Dre Smith: Yes I’m just hoping Rick will return in time for the holidays.

Jacob W. Young: It dose [sic] not seem that’s in the cards..

Dre Smith: I’m afraid Maya is going to disappear next.

Jacob W. Young: Your presumptions are correct”

Young implies that Karla Mosley, who plays Maya Avant, will be leaving the show. Inquisitr reported that Karla Mosley’s last day on the set of Bold and the Beautiful was the day before the whole crew left on their annual summer hiatus. She said that she was going on a “super long hiatus” since she was 35 weeks pregnant at that time. However, she said that she would be back.

“Well, it’s super quiet here at the Bold and the Beautiful offices, and I am about the last person here. I think it’s probably because I’m so sad to leave. But I’ll be back.”

“Everyone’s going on hiatus and I’ll be on a super long hiatus.”

“Thanks for an amazing year so far. And I’ll see you soon B&B!”

B&B fans will also remember that Young’s contract was set to recurring earlier this year. At the time, viewers questioned what that would mean for Mosley since Bold and the Beautiful has written out the female counterpart if the male character leaves. BB fans saw this with Thomas and Sally when Pierson Fode left, and Zende and Nicole when Rome Flynn left. Sally has since been written back into the show but is already hooked up with Wyatt (Darin Brooks). It seems as if the viewers may have been correct in guessing that Mosley’s time on the soap opera would be short-lived after Young’s contract changed.

Fans are irate that such a watershed character would be written out of the show. Not only was Maya Avant the first transgender person on daytime television, but she was also the first transgender person to wed on TV. Mosley’s character also introduced the first central black family to Bold and the Beautiful, in the form of Julius Avant’s (Obba Babatundé) family. Viewers feel that they have invested in several characters into the show before B&B unceremoniously writes them out and replaces them with new characters who are not central to the storyline.

Although Mosley has not announced whether she has given birth yet, she did share the devastating news that her niece Lilia Sophia died on August 3, 2018. The 5-year-old received a heart transplant last year. Our hearts go out to Mosley and her family during this difficult time.