Donald Trump Has Blocked A Cat On Twitter

J. Scott ApplewhiteAP Photo

Donald Trump blocked a cat on Twitter – well, actually, a parody account written by a person taking on the persona of a cat, but you get our drift.

As The Metro reports, an unidentified man, reportedly from Wisconsin, maintains the Twitter account @BitchesTheCat and posts as “Bitches.” He’s far from the only “animal” with a Twitter account, and as these things go, he’s not particularly relevant (he only has 38,000 followers, compared to the 1.5 million who follow Grumpy Cat).

Describing himself as a “political dissident” on the description of his account, Bitches has been intensely critical of Donald Trump since day one. For example, here’s a tweet from February 2015.

“In case we needed more proof that @realDonaldTrump is an a**hole, he acted like a complete piece of s**t this morning.”

And this from August 2017.

“Evidence that cats are smarter than humans: We didn’t elect Donald Trump president.”

It’s not exactly Pulitzer Prize-winning political satire, but it’s clear that “Bitches” is no fan of the 45th president. (or, was: he or she died in 2017, though he/her Twitter account remains active).

Nevertheless, Donald Trump got sick of it, to the point that he blocked Bitches from commenting on his posts. It happened in 2015, but Bitches only revealed it this week, with a screenshot of the notification he got that Trump had blocked him from seeing his posts.

“That’s not Purresidential.”

You can read the rest of Bitches’ critical tweets, of both Donald Trump and of other Republican politicians, in a blog post. Bitches archived them “just in case the Library of Congress ever comes calling.”

Now that the story has gone viral, Bitches (or, the man who writes his tweets) is downright proud of getting blocked by the POTUS.

Despite the fact that this post was written from a place of humor – after all, a cat having a Twitter account is patently ridiculous, and even more ridiculous is the president of the United State blocking a “cat’s” Twitter account – the issue of the president blocking people on Twitter is actually a serious matter.

As Sky News Australia reports, Bitches the Cat isn’t the only Twitter account to have been blocked by Trump. And as it turns out, that creates a Constitutional problem. In May, U.S. District Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald ruled that tweets coming from the president, and the discussions within those tweets, are essentially equal to a discussion in a public forum and is protected by the First Amendment. For Trump to block his opponents on Twitter, the judge ruled, violates their Constitutional rights.