WWE News: The Miz Says The WWE Title Is Not As Important As It Used To Be


On Sunday night, The Miz went into SummerSlam for a match that was almost a decade in the making, and he proved that he deserves to be in the title hunt. He’s one of the most unexpected stars in professional wrestling and he knows the history of the sport and titles should be respected. When The Miz says that the WWE Championship doesn’t appear as important as it used to be, people are going to listen.

For those who have not yet seen SummerSlam, there are spoilers/results for the event from this point forward. If you don’t want to know, then, stop reading now.

As recapped by the official website of WWE, The Miz went into the Barclays Center on Sunday night and defeated Daniel Bryan. Sure, the end result wasn’t overly clean and that is likely due to the fact that WWE wants the feud to continue, but it was still a great match.

Picking up a victory over Daniel Bryan, though, is something that would shoot anyone up in the ranks. The Miz should easily be in the picture for a shot at the WWE Championship, and if he were to win it, the “awesome one” feels he would help restore some of its importance.


In the press rounds leading up to Sunday night’s SummerSlam, The Miz spoke with Sky Sports on a number of topics. As transcribed by Wrestling Inc., The Miz was already looking past Daniel Bryan and is ready to rise to the top of SmackDown Live and go after the WWE Championship.

“I deserve to be in the WWE Championship match. So I said, ‘Listen, if I defeat Daniel Bryan, I deserve to be in that match.’ So, I’m hoping once I beat Daniel, I can face AJ, take that title, and bring the relevancy and prestige back to that title like I did with the Intercontinental [Championship].”

The Miz believes he is someone who can actually bring importance back to the WWE Title, which has been held by AJ Styles for quite a long time now. He believes it should be at the top of the card for pay-per-views and that Styles has made it lose some of its prestige.

“Don’t you? Name a time it’s been in the main event. Why is it not in the main event? If the Universal Championship is on the card, why is that title not in the main event? Back when I was first starting in WWE there was not a PPV that didn’t have the WWE Championship or World Championship in the top spot.”

The Miz does have a good point, as the WWE Universal Championship is what has typically headlined PPVs since they returned to dual-branded shows. The WWE Championship has continued to play second-fiddle, and Miz feels it needs to be taken from around the waist of AJ Styles.

After SummerSlam, it is still in the possession of the “Phenomenal One,” as he retained by disqualification over Samoa Joe.


Still, The Miz has a point, as SummerSlam saw the WWE Title match halfway through the show. As of this writing, SummerSlam is almost through every match and Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar for the WWE Universal Championship is likely the main event.

After SummerSlam, AJ Styles is still the one holding the WWE Championship and The Miz believes he’s at fault for making it lose its value. As for The Miz, he was able to defeat Daniel Bryan for a huge victory which should get him into the title picture. The Miz is ready to be as awesome as can be and make the WWE Title important again.