Princess Diana Musical Tribute Has Launched Fundraising Campaign To General Public

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Call Me Diana will be a musical tribute to the late Princess Diana and will appear in the London Theater. This week, the production team launched a funding site that is open to the general public. Show lyricist Brian Watson says he and composer David Smart have been wanting to create this show for many years.

“For over ten years, David and I knew a true tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales, had to be created. We didn’t want to just entertain the audience; we want to make our audiences feel comfortable with the accuracy of the story as it unfolds before them.”

Adding to his comment that the show is meant to be more than entertainment, Watson described their goal as being the creation of “a celebration of the undying love for the People’s Princess” and the legacy that she left behind. Broadwayworld reports that the performance won’t address conspiracy theories or anything else but the memory of Diana and the impact she made on the world.

Watson and Smart are collaborating with Broadwayworld’s nominee director John DeGaetano and the North Bay Stage Company production team that’s based in Santa Rosa, California.


In a video posted to the production’s Crowdfunder site, David Smart and Brian Watson explain the purpose of the current fundraiser.

“To bring this sensational tribute to life, we need your help. To secure the full funding to stage Call Me Diana, we first need to showcase our production in London’s West End in front of an invited audience of investors and producers.”

The showcase will give investors and producers a peek at parts of the production to give them an idea of what Call Me Diana will look like in its final form. The names of all contributors to the fundraiser will appear in the program created for the production wherever it is showing across the globe.

The production will include 20 original music tracks and will begin with her death. The show will then rewind the timeline and follow Diana from “a shy young woman” to her marriage to Prince Charles and all the problems that came with that. By the end of the production, Diana will emerge “as the confident and loving world icon, the Star she became.” The paparazzi are described as the villains of the story with the exception of one character who reflects the frustrations of many with the media and their contribution to Princess Diana’s death.

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