Boss Goes Off On New Employee Who Showed Up Stoned [Video]

Steve, a small business owner, gave an employee some tough love in this NSFW (for language) video that is in the process of going viral.

Steve’s Craigslist ad apparently specified no drug addicts. The employee, however, allegedly came to work high on percosets, and Steve wasn’t having it. “It’s as obvious as a f******* dog’s balls you have a f****** drug problem,” Steve asserted.

The worker claimed he wasn’t on drugs, he was on painkillers, but that obviously didn’t fly with the boss, who said he had 20 clean people apply for the job.

“I’m not here to hold your hand. I’m here to run my business and feed my family, and people on drugs get in the way of my business,” Steve tells the about-to-fired employee.

Steve noted that he has brother who is a heroin addict and fully understands the devastating effect of addiction on a family. “Pills are a way to dilute your life … stop eating pills and call it a day.” He also explains there are other options for back pain such as acupuncture and message therapy.

When the worker asks him “what are people like me supposed to do,” Steve says it’s not his problem. “I’ve been on my own since I was 17. I grew up on government cheese and peanut butter; now look what I have … I made a life for myself.”

As the worker is ushered out the door, he claims that his life is on Steve’s hands.

What do you think of the way the boss handled this “exit interview” and the way the he delivered his anti-drug message? Do you think the firing of the employee allegedly on drugs should have been uploaded to YouTube?

Watch the NSFW for language video and decide for yourself: