Kim Kardashian Shares Cheeky Calvin Klein Underwear Pose With Her Sisters To Instagram

David LivingstoneGetty Images

The woman who is famous for having “broken the internet” with her body has done it again, posting a casual yet provocative picture to popular social media platform Instagram today. Posing with her sisters in what appears to be a throwback photo — given the resolution and finish of the picture — Kim Kardashian and her crew are all representing the Calvin Klein brand, each member of the family clad only in simple black and white CK underwear.

Kim herself is looking typically luxurious and poised, raven locks showing the faintest hint of being sun-kissed as her hair tumbles about her shoulders casually. She rests her arms and elbows over her knees while folding her feet one over the other, showing off her long legs and curvaceous thighs. Her expression is one of practiced calm and grace, her head ever so slightly inclined as if assessing the photographer responsible for capturing the moment.

This is not the first time that the sisters have stripped down for a Calvin Klein campaign, having made waves earlier this year when news of their professional shoot was released to the press, according to InStyle. At that time earlier in the year, it was apparent that Khloe Kardashian was very pregnant and very excited about that fact. Khloe took to her own Instagram account to show off her now-missing baby bump, her daughter True having been born on April 12, according to The Sun.

This shoot was followed up by another promotional campaign for #OurCalvins earlier this month,

Captioned simply, “Family Over Everything! #OurCalvins” — Kim’s latest share features a bored looking Khloe, a devilish Kendall, a cute and innocent Kylie, and a stone-faced and serious Kourtney. The personality on display in the amateur photo is palpable and adds a great amount of gravitas to what would otherwise be a mundane behind-the-scenes snapshot for an earlier ad campaign.

Kim Kardashian’s fans have been going wild over the recent share to Instagram; the image in question has been showered with over 1 million hearts in less than an hour since having gone live. The comments are nearly unanimous in their acclaim, with one user writing “QUEENS,” succinctly summing up the situation. Others chimed in, with one excited user posting “I love you,” and another penning the line, “Favorite team in the whole world.”

The family has been back in the media spotlight as late, with the latest season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians having debuted earlier this month on August 5.