Chrissy Teigen ‘Teaches Kids How To Model’ In White-Water Rafting Video

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Chrissy Teigen shared a video on Instagram of her and husband John Legend white-water rafting with a group of people. Her caption reads, “teaching kids these days how to model,” and although she didn’t add a location, her recent trip to Bali, Indonesia, has fans assuming that the video was taken there.

The Inquisitr reported that the sweet family arrived home to California from their vacation in Indonesia on Saturday. Teigen posted an Instagram photo of her adorable children, Luna and Miles, on the airplane as they touched down at the airport in L.A. The kids were each sitting in their own seat, with Miles leaning back against comfy pillows and Luna playing with the seat remote. Teigen captioned it, “we made it home! (photo for photo purposes, not approved seating by the FAA).”

The tropical getaway was complete with cooking lessons, trips to the zoo, lounging at the pool, two earthquakes, and apparently some white-water rafting.

In the cheeky video of the couple on their river trip, Teigen is leaning back, striking a pose, and smiling for the camera while everyone else in the raft is busy paddling. The raft is turning a corner on the rapids and the person filming the scene appears to be shouting directions at the group on how to maneuver the turn.

teaching kids these days how to model

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Her fans thought the post was hysterical, with many of them leaving comments with the laughing emoji and others telling her how funny she was. One fan called her the “funniest person on Insta” and another told her she was “the cutest.”

A fan sang her praises of the model.

“You are so real!! Love it! You should be a role model to other celebrities.. really enjoy your posts!”

Teigen received yet another touching compliment from a fan.

“I love how you and John just go about your lives, and don’t pull any ‘being famous is so hard’ crap. I wish you two and your kids the greatest lives.”

Needless to say, Teigen is well-loved by her fans.

Earlier in the month, the family was caught in the 6.9 magnitude earthquake that struck Indonesia. Although they were safe the whole time, Teigen live-tweeted the event, adding her usual cheeky humor.

“I very calmly walked outside saying clutching baby saying ‘I’m naked. I’m naked. I’m naked. like a naked zombie,'” she tweeted.

Luckily, the family made it through the traumatizing disaster and were still able to enjoy their vacation.