Former WWE Star Emma Reveals Why She Backed Out Of ROH Tour And WWE Superstars Show Their Support

Carter Lee

Tenille Dashwood, better known to the WWE universe as Emma, was booked to wrestle last week on a Ring of Honor United Kingdom tour. On Wednesday, the former WWE superstar took to Twitter to announce that she regrets that she has to pull out from the Ring of Honor tour. Tenille Dashwood put that she was really looking forward to the shows, and that she will make it up to her fans. She stated that she is not injured, and that she will explain soon on what is going on with her.

As The Wrap documented, On Friday, Tenille Dashwood released a letter via Twitter that explained why she backed out of the Ring of Honor U.K. tour. The former WWE wrestler described on Twitter that she suffers from psoriasis.

"In the past I didn't have the courage to share this with you all. Today, with social media always highlighting the glamorous side of life, I feel it's important to share a dose of reality."
"I've fought this condition since I was 14 years old luckily having times that were much more manageable, however I have currently been battling the worst flare up to date. This was unfortunately triggered when I was sick recently and has now covered my entire body…It's been extremely itchy and painful at this stage, it feels like burns and tearing skin all over my body. Almost unbearable."

In closing, the former WWE wrestler said that she was ashamed of this condition when she was growing up, and she used to be embarrassed and depressed over her appearance. Tenille Dashwood shared that her greatest fear was that she would never be able to achieve her dream of becoming a professional wrestler and performing in the WWE. Dashwood said that today, she is a strong, confident, and successful woman who has achieved impossible dreams and that she knows that physical appearances do not change who we are and what we can become.