Rob Gronkowski’s Girlfriend Camille Kostek Shows Off Her Killer Curves In Instagram Post

Craig BarrittGetty Images

The girlfriend of New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski took to popular social media platform Instagram today to share off some of her lovely assets in a subway-themed photoshoot.

Prefacing the nearly vintage looking picture with a lengthy paragraph that details an imaginative scenario leading up to the pose — the story involves escaping from a “bad guy” whilst running through the streets of New York City in heels — Camille Kostek shows a great deal of imaginative inspiration.

Wearing a tightly fitted, long-sleeved orange crop top that shows just a bit of toned belly, Kostek holds one hand delicately to her temple and forehead while the other rests lightly at her waist. High-waisted fashion slacks in a beautiful royal blue cascade about her midsection, hugging her thighs before loosening into a 1970s inspired bell-bottom cognate that comes oh-so-close to being full-on disco in terms of aesthetic.

Perhaps most notably in frame are the hot pink heels cradling Kostek’s feet, one leg raised to rest perfectly on the subway handrail, completing the casually exhausted look. The colors shouldn’t work, but they do — the pink and blue are perfectly complementary, and the burnt orange or rust colored top worn by Kostek matches the stonework of the terminal walls and stairs, blending softly against the overexposed and sun-bleached urban background.

Her hair and make-up on point, perfect golden blonde locks tumbling down about her hand and arm to settle just past her shoulders in an ironically managed devil-may-care call out, Kostek appears to have mastered the art of juxtaposition — inasmuch as she looks perfect despite the exertion and everyday milieu of her fictional scenario and surroundings.

Kostek’s fans on Instagram appear to appreciate the effort as well, taking their time to shower the supermodel with over 3,000 likes and loves and hundreds of supporting comments in kind.

This post comes days after Kostek was seen smooching her long-time boyfriend both on and off the field during practice season for Gronk, who was pictured in workout clothes posing next to the lovely Kostek. Camille Kostek is a former cheerleader for the Patriots in addition to being a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, according to the Boston Globe.

While Kostek is known for posting provocative photos to her social media feeds, her beau Rob Gronkowski is no stranger to her Instagram presence either. He has appeared at Kostek’s side in posts ranging from an appearance at the Belmont Stakes in June to an intimate look inside their shared vacation to the island of Jamaica in May.