Stormy Daniels’ Mother Accuses Her Of ‘Messing Things Up’ With Trump

Tara ZiembaGetty Images

Stormy Daniels’ mother has nothing nice to say about her adult film actress daughter and is speaking out in defense of Donald Trump, whom she explains she voted for in the last election. Sheila Gregory, 64, spoke to a British paper, calling her daughter names and criticizing her parenting. Gregory posed in her bathrobe for photos, saying that if Stormy had played her cards right, Donald Trump would have been her son-in-law.

The Daily Mail said that Gregory explained that Stormy Daniels has always been “selfish” and an attention seeker, so the matters of the last few months don’t surprise her. She also added that her daughter could have made Donald Trump her husband if she would have behaved differently.

Daniels’ mother said she was secretly relieved when her daughter pulled out of Celebrity Big Brother in the U.K. to fight for custody of her daughter.

“The girls would have hated her. All women do.”

But Gregory added that she would have no trouble getting along with the men in the Big Brother house.

“She’d have had the men in the palm of her hand just like she did Trump. She’d have slept with them. Stephanie (Daniels’ real name) cannot be without male attention. She craves it.”


Daniels says that it was her current custody battle that caused her to pull out of Celebrity Big Brother, and not the interest in driving up the price. Gregory says that it’s good she quit the show because she could have lost her daughter over her desire for money.

“Every seven-year-old needs their mom. Why she ever thought she could go in Big Brother, who knows? Ever since she became an adult ­Stephanie has always been selfish.”

According to the Daily Mail, Gregory lives in a $27,000 house in a bad neighborhood in Baton Rouge and is a retired auto parts manager. She explains that Trump’s only mistake was not signing the non-disclosure agreement that would have avoided the whole conflict.

“Trump screwed her and then he screwed up big time by not signing the contract.”

Gregory and Stormy are estranged, but she explains that she fully supports Donald Trump, who she says has “balls the size of coconuts and gets things done.”

“I like him. It’s time this country is put back where it belongs and he will take us there.”

Sheila Gregory says she tries to call Stephanie (Stormy) several times a week, but her daughter never answers.