Zach Smith, Former OSU Football Coach, Took Penis Pics In The White House Says His Ex

Sue OgrockiAP Images

There seems to be some dispute over whether or not risque photos taken in the White House are of former Ohio State assistant football coach Zach Smith, who was fired from the athletic program over allegations of domestic violence. But Smith’s ex-wife isn’t done hammering away at the former coach by suggesting that he disgraced his position at Ohio State beyond reportedly assaulting her.

TMZ Sports says that Courtney Smith shared that when Zach Smith went with OSU to the White House in 2015 to celebrate the national championship, he took some intimate photos of himself with a particular body part. His wife says that the wedding ring on his hand and the tie he wore on that day match, but his lawyer denies that it is his manhood in the picture.

Courtney Smith told sports reporter Brett McMurphy that she believes that the photos are of her former husband’s penis.

“McMurphy did not publish the pics but described them in detail — saying one features Zach’s penis while he’s wearing the black suit he wore to the White House event.”

Another photo has Smith posing with his appendage next to a hand towel with the presidential seal.

Courtney Smith says that her ex-husband took similar pictures around the Ohio State coaches’ office. There is a particularly appalling one where he is being intimate with an OSU staffer. Zach Smith’s lawyer denies that any of the below-the-belt photos belong to his client. But McMurphy has also added that Zach Smith allegedly ordered over $2,000 worth of “adult” toys as well as “male apparel” and photography equipment, which was delivered to his office on campus. His attorney said that all of the purchases were gag gifts.

McMurphy says he exchanged texts with Zach Smith’s lawyer, Brad Koffel, and published them in Watch Stadium. McMurphy asked Koffel about the indecent photos taken in the offices of the OSU athletic staff, and why he had so many adult toys delivered there. Below are a transcription of some of those texts.

Koffel: Sounds like extortion. Thanks for the texts Brett. I’d get a lawyer if I were you.
McMurphy: Not extortion. I’m not asking for money nor have I received any money. I’m asking for your comment to my original question: what was the purpose of taking these photos and why were the items delivered to the Woody Hayes Center? And did Urban Meyer have knowledge of any of this?
McMurphy: As a courtesy, as you said you would extend, here are my questions: what was the purpose of taking these photos and why were the items delivered to the Woody Hayes Center? And did Urban Meyer have knowledge of any of this? Thx u
Koffel: You know these were accessed illegally. Another felony
McMurphy: I don’t know how they were accessed. Can you answer my questions, please.
Koffel: You absolutely know or should know these were obtained without my client’s consent. If not, you do know.
Koffel: *now
McMurphy: What are the answers to my questions?
Koffel: You have my answers & my advice. Tread very lightly.
McMurphy: You didn’t answer my questions? So you have nothing further?
Koffel: Not him except with his face. Gag gifts. The oral sex is not him.
McMurphy: Want to double check: White House picture with his tie and wedding ring that are visible from media photos of the event is not him?

Urban Meyer, the head coach of the Ohio State University, is currently under investigation for his own issues, some of whom are related to when Meyer learned about Zach Smith’s domestic violence allegations.