Sharon Stone Splits With Boy Toy Martin Mica, 27 [Report]

Sharon Stone has split with her 27-year-old boyfriend Martin Mica, reports indicate, but it wasn’t the nearly three decade wide age difference that parted the May/December pair, if reports are accurate.

Sharon Stone split with Mica, it has been reported, due to more ideological differences. The Stone split came down to interests and personality, Life & Style reports, and a standard issue “showbiz spy” was at the ready to dish on Sharon’s recent breakup.

According to the mag, Stone’s split was a matter of commonality, or lack thereof.

The loose-lipped pal tells the celeb rag that Stone and Mica may have had good chemistry, but the 54-year-old actress ultimately needed more stimulation:

“She called it off just after the holidays … It wasn’t so much the age difference. They didn’t share the same interests. Her passions are philanthropy, politics, activism — he wasn’t into any of that.”

It wasn’t just intellectual pursuits that prompted Stone’s split, though, and while the actress may have some time for love, she also has a busy life and motherhood with which to contend.

At 54, Sharon has reached a point in her career where she is still balancing work and family life, and it seems that the pressures of maintaining a relationship on top of the parenting and the starring in things was getting to be a bit much for the blonde.

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As Stone readies to appear in the highly anticipated Lovelace — in which she plays the “conservative” mother of Deep Throat star Linda Lovelace — Sharon discovered that it was a difficult time in her life to keep up with a boy toy, or so the insider alleges:

“Sharon is busy. She has three sons and that keeps her hands full and still travels a lot for work.”

Post-split, Stone’s turn in Lovelace will debut in March.