Golfer Andrew Johnston Drops Trou, Saves Pants-Free Par At Nordea Masters

Golfer Andrew Johnston made one of the more unusual plays you'll ever see in golf, ditching his pants in front of the crowd -- and the TV cameras -- making a fantastic save out of the water and preserving par in the process.

Some sports are more dignified than others. At a NASCAR race or an NFL game, for example, getting animated and rowdy (fans and players) is, well, par for the course. Baseball, on the other hand, expects a little bit more from those on the field and in the stands, but still allows fans and players to yuck it up -- to a point. But golf and tennis are sports that rely on dignity and decorum.

Unless you're Andrew "Beef" Johnston (yes, that's really his nickname).

As TMZ reports, Beef was playing off the 12th tee at the Nordea Masters in Sweden. Even pro golfers have a bad shot now and then, and Beef biffed his tee, sending the ball into the drink. Stuff happens, as they say, and what separates a professional golfer from a weekend duffer is one's ability to recover from a bad shot. Johnson stepped up to the, uh, plate, got knee-deep in the muddy Swedish water, and made a glorious saving shot to put the ball back into easy play.

We're not really clear on why Beef did what he did next. Did he forget that there was a crowd of paying spectators behind him, to say nothing of the TV cameras? Or was he just out of damns to give? Either way, Johnson, in front of God and everybody, took off his muddy pants and stood there for a second in his skivvies.

Fortunately, Johnston had brought along a second pair of pants, forward thinker that he is. He changed, made the putt to save par, and the rest, as they say, is history.

For what it's worth, the Swedish crowd approved, laughing and cheering (Europeans are a lot less prudish about this sort of thing than Americans).

The announcers got a kick out of it as well.
"Oh he's having a little... change of clothing, yeah. Well I wonder what's gonna find its way onto social media?"
In case you were wondering, the PGA rules, via the Arizona Republic, state that golfers on the men's side must wear pants. Not shorts, not jeans or cutoffs, and certainly not boxer briefs.

While it was a great shot accompanied by a great moment, it didn't help Johnston's overall performance at the Nordea Masters. As of this writing, Beef is in 34th place, 13 strokes behind leader Scott Jamieson.