Blake Lively Has Deft Response To Insta-Grammar Police

Brent N. ClarkeAP Images

Blake Lively may look like the all-American girl next door, but that doesn’t mean the Gossip Girl alum is afraid to get sassy in her Instagram comments.

As E! Online reports, Lively “clapped back” at someone who tried to make fun of her for a typo in one of her Instagram captions. It’s edited now but in the original version she forgot to include a space between a heart emoji and the name of her husband’s Instagram handle — meaning he wasn’t tagged despite her best intentions.

It’s an easy mistake to make when you’re typing on a phone but one Instagram commenter called her out for it.

“I’m crying at her and the fact that she doesn’t know she needs to put a space after an emoji for the tag to work,” the user in question wrote.

Lively has over 20 million followers and it’s likely that she ignores a lot of the trolling comments that she gets. It looks like she had time today, however.

“Good point! @blakelively is so dumb!!!!” she wrote in response.

The comment from the A Simple Favor actress had a ripple effect on her Instagram comments, with multiple people talking about the fact that she replied to the person who criticised her.

Some of Lively’s fans praised her for her clever comeback.

“The clap back tho!!” one person wrote.

Some people didn’t agree that the original commenter should be slammed for what they wrote.

“Oh dear God, you people critique people for correcting a mistake…” another posted in response.

A look through the comments on the post reveals that the criticism was made by a user going by the handle of @ani_mar20.

The user in question claims to be an ardent fan of The Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants actress and says that the critical comment was just an “inside joke.”

“I’m not a hater I’m actually her biggest fan it was an inside joke between me and my best friend,” she wrote after taking some heat for criticizing Lively.

Blake Lively may be monitoring her social media more closely as she is currently promoting her new movie, A Simple Favor. As Variety reports, the story revolves around the friendship between Stephanie (Anna Kendrick), a mommy vlogger, and Emily (Blake Lively). Emily — who is elegant and mysterious — disappears one day after she asks her friend to do ” a simple favor,” triggering a search filled with revelatory plot twists and turns.

The film, based on a novel of the same name, was directed by Paul Feig and also stars Henry Golding and Linda Cardellini. The film’s theatrical release is scheduled for September 14.