MLB Rumors: Manny Machado Is Leaning Toward Becoming A Yankee Next Season

While the Yankees didn't get involved in the Manny Machado sweepstakes at the trading deadline, the rumor is that they are already preparing a place for him on the roster and Machado is reportedly ready to take it. Longtime baseball analyst and reporter, Jon Heyman, reported at Fancred that it's not just the money or allure of playing postseason baseball every year that is attractive to Machado, the rumor is, his family wants him to be a Yankees as well. The input of family has been the determining factor in a number of contract negotiations over the years, and for Machado, it might be the final factor to get him in pinstripes.

The scuttlebutt has been that the Yankees were never interested in trading for Machado as a rental because they feel they are the front-runner to sign him to a long-term deal. By avoiding the luxury tax this year, the Yankees have effectively reset to 20 percent on the first $30 million over the salary cap. That will help pave the way to sign a big deal with someone, likely, Machado. Since the Yankees already have Giancarlo Stanton signed to a $325 million deal, it is well known they well pony up for the right player.

The problem with Machado going to New York has been where to play him. He has gone on the record that he wants to play shortstop, but the Yankees are set there with Didi Gregorius. Miguel Andujar at third is a defensive wreck, as discussed by the Inquisitr, but he swings the bat well and is very affordable. Even at second, Gleyber Torres has been doing a good job, so where can Machado go?

According to Fancred, Machado would be willing to go back to playing third for the Yankees. If that proves to be the case, then Andujar may want to begin taking some reps at first base. It is also possible that if the money is right, Machado could be talked into playing first, providing a long-term solution for New York at the corner. Other factors include his family being reported to be big Yankee fans that are pushing him to wear pinstripes, and Machado's own desire to play in a big east coast city. Plus, he is connected to Alex Rodriguez who has provided him with advice throughout his career, and ARod is said the be steering him to New York.

Whether this pans out remains to be seen. The Phillies, Cubs, Dodgers, and Giants are all known to be interested in Machado, and they all have money to spend. Only two of those are east coast teams, however, and even though the Phillies have loads of money from their new TV deal, no one has ever heard Machado talk about his dream of playing for the Phillies, but they have about the Yankees.