Jenna Johnson, Val Chmerkovskiy Lose Dog Anastasia, ‘DWTS’ Star Jenna Mourns Unexpected Death

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Dancing with the Stars pros Jenna Johnson and Val Chmerkovskiy may not have children yet, but for most of this year, they had been doting parents to a dog named Anastasia that they shared. Sadly, Johnson took to Instagram Thursday evening to let her followers know some devastating news. Anastasia had suddenly passed away and her DWTS fans know that this is heartbreaking news for the two professional dancers.

Jenna Johnson shared a photo of Anastasia via her Instagram page Thursday night and opened up to reveal the sad news with her Dancing with the Stars fans. She wrote that their sweet angel passed away unexpectedly Wednesday night and this has understandably left both Jenna and her fiance Val Chmerkovskiy stunned and heartbroken.

Johnson said she’s never felt this kind of sadness before, and she wrote a touching tribute to Anastasia. Jenna thanked the pup for making the three of them a family, noting that the dog had experienced an adventurous life. As many DWTS fans know, Anastasia was often with Jenna and Val at the studio, and she went on tours with the two across the country as well.

The DWTS dancer’s tribute noted that Anastasia had a big crush on Val and a contagious, sassy energy. The pup provided loads of joy to the lives of Jenna and Val and she was treated by the couple’s baby because that’s exactly what she was to them.

Our sweet angel Anastasia unexpectedly passed away last night. We are in complete and utter shock. I have truly never felt this type of sadness before. . To my sweet baby girl... thank you for officially making us a family. You made it the 3 of us. You had a very adventurous life! You went on two different tours, you traveled the country, you went on set, you refused to sleep anywhere but my face, you had a big crush on Daddy, your sassy energy was contagious, and you brought immense joy into our lives. We treated you like our baby cause you definitely were. I wish you could have been a flower girl at our wedding, but I know you’ll be there in spirit. Go bark at everyone and everything and run around in heaven my love. We love and miss you so much. ????

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Val and Jenna’s wedding plans are inching forward after the two got engaged recently in Italy and Dancing with the Stars fans had no doubt that Anastasia would have been included somehow. Johnson noted in her tribute that she wishes the pup could have been a flower girl at their wedding, but she knows she’ll be there in spirit.

Anastasia actually hadn’t been with Val and Jenna all that long. She first popped up on their Instagram pages earlier this year, but once she was with the family, it seemed she was rarely away from them. So far, Chmerkovskiy hasn’t noted Anastasia’s passing on his social media pages. However, it was always clear that he adored the puppy as much as Johnson did and DWTS fans would imagine that he’s feeling equally devastated by the loss.

The adorable Anastasia Lil Bear even had her own Instagram page and fans of the trio have been sharing comments on the last post sharing their condolences. Jenna hasn’t shared details regarding what happened Wednesday night that led to the puppy’s death, but it sounds as if it took the DWTS dancers by surprise and has understandably left them feeling heartbroken.