Bye Bye Scratches: Samsung Galaxy S10 Could Have A Self-Healing Screen

Manu FernandezAP Images

It is just past the middle of 2018 and Samsung isn’t planning on revealing their new Galaxy S10 until next year, but of course, there is always leaked information to rely on. Things could always change by the time of its release, but if the latest leak becomes a reality, it will be huge. There is now a suggestion that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will use technology that would bring about a self-healing feature and get rid of scratches on your screen.

According to Independent, a new patent filed by Samsung has leaked out and it describes a protective material that could revolutionize smartphones. It is a material that seemingly has the ability to repair itself after developing scratches and marks.

Considering just how much of the Samsung Galaxy series of phones is more screen than anything else, this would be very beneficial. It would also be quite attractive to customers who hate having a screen that always looks or feels marked up.

While the patent doesn’t specifically mention the Samsung Galaxy S10 or any other smartphone directly, it seems only logical that is what it is for. One other possibility is that it could have been filed for the rumored Galaxy X that is still somewhat of a mystery.

In the patent, there is a description of “an anti-fingerprinting composition having a self-healing property, and a film, a laminate, and a device including the anti-fingerprinting composition.” This is said to be for a “portable electronic device” which could end up being a smart phone or a tablet of some kind.

Not only would this new technology have the ability to heal itself and fix scratches, but it would also work in keeping fingerprints off of it. Obviously, that has become another major issue with touch-screen control and users constantly having to clean their devices.

The idea of having a screen that could get rid of scratches on its own would do away with users having to buy and apply screen protectors.

As the Independent pointed out, there was the LG Flex 2 which also used a material that was self-healing for its release, but it was for the phone’s body. While useful, having the screen with an ability to self-heal is something that will automatically catch everyone’s attention.

There are so many rumors surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S10 at this time, and it’s hard to know what may become a reality or remain a dream. Many rumors have discussed facial recognition and three rear cameras and now, the idea that the screen could use technology to self-heal and get rid of scratches. The release may still be months away, but these “leaks” and rumors certainly have people talking already.