Rita Ora Brings The Heat Once Again With Revealing Braless Instagram Photo

British singer and actress Rita Ora is known for posting jaw-dropping and revealing Instagram photos of herself. Her summer travels have prompted many photos of her in bikinis and skimpy clothing. Earlier this week, she posted two photos of her in a new bikini, giving fans a generous view of her tanned body and rock-hard abs, as reported by the Inquisitr.

The first photo showed her sitting on a white post as the sun sets behind her, wearing a sexy, orange, string bikini and a sheer black coverup slipped over her shoulders and down to her wrists. The second photo is a full-body shot revealing more of the metallic-orange bikini, ample cleavage, and incredible, sculpted abs. Ora left little to the imagination and her fans were quick to rave about her enviable figure.

The Inquisitr showed just how much her fans appreciated her photos by citing a few of their comments.

“Just when you thought nothing was more beautiful than a sunset,” a fan commented.

“The most beautiful girl in the world,” one more fan wrote.

This morning, Ora posted yet another revealing photo, this time without the bikini. She is sitting in what appears to be a dressing room, in London, United Kingdom, wearing just an over-sized, white button-down shirt that is left unbuttoned down to her navel. The shirt is slightly pulled apart at her chest to show that she is not wearing a bra underneath and gives a teasing view of her breasts and flawless skin. Her hair is curly and cascading over her face and shoulders and she’s wearing a full face of makeup, complete with gloss.


She captioned the photo, “Somebody pass me the water,” prompting fans to make comments joking about how hot she is.

One fan wrote, “I’ll be your water,” while another wrote, “Wow I need a cold shower.”

Yet another user commented, “Your gonna need a fire hose..its looking so HOT…nice pic.”

Many fans just posted fire and heart emojis. In the first hour after she posted it, it had already received almost 110,000 likes.

Ora has spoken to sources about her exercise and diet regimes, revealing how she manages to stay toned and fit. It is evident that her circuit-training workout and healthy diet have paid off as she continues posting photos of herself in bikinis and stunning dresses. A few days ago, she posted photos of herself on a boat and splashing around in the sea during a recent trip to Malta.