Gwyneth Paltrow Sports Workout Gear From Goop’s G. Sport Line

Actress and Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow showed off her trim figure on Instagram in an all-pink ensemble, according to Us Weekly. For years, Paltrow has helmed Goop, an e-commerce company dedicated to health and wellness. Earlier this year, Paltrow and her business partner, Tracy Anderson (who is also the Seven actresses trainer), launched a line of activewear called G. Sport.

In the Instagram photo, Paltrow can be seen wearing a pair of $110 rosy-pink G. Sport Seamed Leggings and a $90 G. Sport Strappy Leotard in a pale pink hue. She captioned the photo “Sunbeam and #gsport,” and her blond tresses are perfectly tousled for a pre-workout selfie.

Sunbeam and #gsport

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Goop’s activewear features a number of “exercise-ready bras, leggings, shorts, and tanks in serene, seasonal colors,” in addition to a number of outfits perfect for fans of athleisure. The 16-piece set was “inspired by the fluid and graceful movements of ballet, the line incorporates technical, high-performance materials sourced from some of the finest Italian mills, then produced in the United States,” according to Departures. Though the line is meant to be mixed and matched, those looking for everyday workout wear may balk at the high-end price tags — the line includes a pair of grey, wide-leg sweatpants for $125.

Paltrow’s company has consistently faced criticism. Though it has been valued at $250 million, the company most recently ended its magazine partnership with media behemoth Conde Nast. While the company objected over Goop’s copious product promotion in the magazine (they insisted they published magazines, not catalogs), Paltrow objected over the company’s demand for fact-checking, according to The Telegraph.

When asked about severing ties from Conde, Paltrow said, “We realized we could just do a better job of it ourselves in-house. I think for us it was really like we like to work where we are in an expansive space. Somewhere like Conde, understandably, there are a lot of rules.”

Conde’s request for fact-checking comes after a long line of questions people have had about Goop, and about whether her “alternatives to mainstream treatments and therapies” are legitimate or “quackery.” Some of the company’s more outlandish tips, according to Stylecaster, include using stickers made of space suits, avoiding bras with underwire as they can “cause breast cancer,” and getting stung by bees to get rid of any inflammation or scarring.

Earlier this year, Goop also courted controversy for an article called “Busting Diet Myths.” The article encouraged readers to achieve their “leanest livable weight.” Many felt that the article promoted unhealthy weight loss.