No, The Queen Won’t Be Making Prince William The King Ahead Of Prince Charles

WPA Pool Getty Images

There have been recent reports and rumors that Queen Elizabeth II will turn over her throne to her grandson, Prince William, rather than her son, Prince Charles. However, this is unlikely to happen thanks to the royal family being steeped in tradition when it comes to rules and regulations.

Many royal fans would like to see Prince William ascend to the throne rather than his father, Prince Charles. This is a mixture of several things according to the Star Tribute. As they point out, many royalists see his reputation in tatters after his divorce from Princess Diana and subsequent marriage to the already-divorced Camilla Parker Bowles. In addition, there is that tendency from Prince Charles to “share his strong opinions on everything from the environment to modern architecture.”

However, while some royal fans would like to see Prince Harry jump the queue in regard to the throne, it seems highly unlikely this will ever happen

According to the official website of the royal family, “the succession to the throne is regulated not only through descent but also by Parliamentary statute.” This means that it is not just Queen Elizabeth’s decision that can change the title accession rules, but parliament’s as well. And not just from the British parliament, but from all of the Commonwealth’s parliaments, which totals 15 other countries. In this way, it is kind of a two-step failsafe that prevents the royal family from doing as they please.

In addition to this, the queen herself is very traditionally bound. While she can be quite progressive in some regards, usually her behavior stems from long-held traditions and she continues to maintain the integrity of the monarchy in this way.

With many outlets reporting that Queen Elizabeth would skip her son in favor of handing her title to her grandson, the Associated Press delved into the matter via their fact-checking department in order to ascertain the validity in the claims, according to the New York Times. AP‘s fact-checking department aims to reduce the circulation of false news stories online.

The New York Times also points out that the royal family has not yet officially released the titles for either Camilla Parker Bowles or Kate Middleton once either of their husbands ascends to the throne. Previously, it was thought that Kate would take the title of “Queen Consort.”

While many fans of the royal family may rue the fact that the queen will pass on her throne to her son, rather than her grandson, they can also rest assured that the queen endeavors to hold onto her title for as long as possible.