Kaitlyn Bristowe Squashes Breakup Rumors: ‘Shawn And I Are 110 Percent Committed To Each Other’

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Despite rumors, former Bachelorette star Kaitlyn Bristowe is letting her fans know that her relationship with Shawn Booth is still going strong.

In recent weeks, Kaitlyn has not been as active on social media, leaving many fans to speculate that her and Shawn were either on a break or had called it quits for good. But Bristowe shared with fans yesterday on her Instagram story that she would be addressing the ongoing split rumors on her Off the Vine podcast today.

“So here’s the truth. I’m in Canada because every single year I have made a promise to myself and my family that I will come up every August and enjoy downtime with the people that I love in a country that I love,” she began. “Family is so important to me. Relationships in general are very important to me. I put relationships first.”

Bristowe then went on to explain that her fiance Shawn just bought a gym and has started something “huge,” and that is the reason why he was absent from her recent getaway. Kaitlyn let fans know that Shawn’s new business will likely keep him busy for “months” and unfortunately, that means that they have had to spend some time apart while Kaitlyn is in Canada with family.

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“You are both always away, you’re exhausted at the end of the day, sometimes the relationship isn’t being put first, but does that mean you call it quits? No. You love the sh** out of each other and you work through it — and yourselves to be better. And you know that times aren’t always going to be smooth sailing,” the reality star said.

“You just have to get through those hurdles and enjoy the good times. Shawn and I are 110 percent committed to each other and, yes, we are still together.”

Bristowe also told her fans that she doesn’t fault them for wondering the status of her relationship with Booth because since they fell on love on the Bachelorette in 2015 and people have become invested in their love story — so it’s perfectly normal for fans to question things.

“I haven’t been wearing my engagement ring and not even noticing myself people have pointed out that I apparently haven’t been liking his photos on Instagram,” she said.

Kaitlyn’s last post on Instagram with Booth came on July 23, nearly a month ago. Then, only July 29, it appeared that Bristowe was in Canada to enjoy her time with family. The 33-year-old shared a selfie in overall jeans and a swimsuit top as she smiled for the camera and let her fans know that she would be enjoying “swim and sunshine” for the next four weeks.

The reality couple has been engaged for three years.