FCC Shuts Down Alex Jones’ Flagship Pirate Radio Station Liberty Radio

While many fans of Alex Jones’ shows, primarily Infowars, are aware that his flagship radio station is Liberty Radio, what most people do not know is that said station is a pirate radio outfit that operates from an apartment building. A pirate radio station is one that operates without a valid license, and while the broadcast could at times potentially be legal where the signal originates, it may also be illegal at points where the signal is picked up. What this all basically means is that each time any of Jones’ shows have been broadcast over 90.1 FM since at least 2013, they have been illegal transmissions.

While Jones’ name does not appear on any documents, on or offline, related to the station other than that his show is broadcast on it, authorities say it is hard to believe he had no knowledge of the operation being illegal. According to Bustle, Liberty Radio began receiving fines for illegal operation in 2014. This time when the FCC came knocking, they were levying yet another $15,000 fine on the station, and temporarily, they have pulled the station’s ability to use radio airwaves, as reported by The Hill.

Liberty Radio did stop broadcasting on the radio in December, but they have not ceased broadcasting online. Walter Olenick and M. Rae Nadler-Olenick are the names that appear on the FCC charges as well as the apartment building they broadcast from illegally. According to FCC reports discussed at Liberal Mountain, the Olenick’s have refused to pay any of the fines the FCC has levied against them, which is what prompted them to take a more decisive course of action against the pirate radio operation.

According to Bustle, in 2013, the Olenick’s asserted that “they are not subject to the jurisdiction of the FCC,” and accompanied that with a letter to the FCC and state officials to “kindly never bother us with your harassment under color of law and office again.” Along with that letter was the threat that any FCC agent found on the grounds of the apartment complex in question would be treated as trespassers. When the FCC levied another fine against the radio station, the Olenick’s replied in a similar tone as their previous communication with the agency.

“We decline your offer, as we have from the outset, and we will forever decline your offer.”

Jones has not provided a lengthy comment on the situation yet, but if he follows his normal pattern after such events, he will do a show based on the closure of Liberty Radio and claim it is an attack against him by the shadow government, and another reason why fans need to buy his merchandise to help keep the show alive. This was the same tactic he used when the station was initially fined and over the past two weeks when social media platforms began removing his content and/or banning him.