All Of The Wayward Sisters Will Return To ‘Supernatural’ For Season 14

Jerod HarrisGetty Images

While the Supernatural spinoff Wayward Sister may not have worked out the way that the CW would have liked, fans still enjoyed the show and wanted a second season of it. While the network has been adamant that there is no hope for a second season of the show, they will still be considered a part of the SPN universe, which means that even though the show is dead, the characters can live on. The way that the Wayward sisters ended left a lot of unanswered questions, so SPN showrunner Andrew Dabb is going to attempt to give people some closure.

As Dabb told Entertainment Weekly, the unresolved issues from the spinoff ending so quickly will be addressed on Supernatural in some capacity during Season 14. He also disclosed that each of the characters from Wayward Sisters is likely to appear in multiple episodes. The way things have gone on SPN in the past, if fans like a character, they will find ways to get them screen time, even if it means resurrecting them over and over again. Anything is possible; even the return of Kaia’s doppleganger can happen.

“All of the characters are going to make their return one way or the other. We found a way to fold [them] organically into the plot line, and some of the hanging chads from the pilot last year ended up dovetailing nicely with some of the stuff Michael’s looking to do, and some of the stuff that’s going on in our world just generally. It all folds together pretty well, but they’ll definitely be in multiple episodes this season.”

Supernatural spinoffs have not had much luck. In addition to the Wayward Sisters getting a quick exit from the CW roster, Bloodlines went down just as fast as reported at CBR. In both instances, the shows were received positively by fans, but the ratings didn’t seem to tell the same story. CW President Mark Pedowitz said that the show was good, but “just didn’t get there.”

It is believed that each of the sisters will return individually, or possibly in pairs, rather than all at once. According to Comic Book, there is also no word on when they will show up on Supernatural, or how they will be reintroduced into the series. Although Dabb has said it will all come together organically, due to the way everything has been left in limbo, it is possible that the re-entry of some of the sisters will be a little forced.