Did Katy Perry’s Boyfriend Cheat On Her With ‘Girls’ Star Allison Williams?

Katy Perry’s boyfriend, musician John Mayer, was seen exiting the same hotel as Allison Williams, who stars in HBO’s Girls, after they partied together, according to reports.

The pair are supposedly old friends and were seen in Manhattan’s Jane hotel at 2 am on Saturday morning after they spent the evening partying together. They were then noticed going to their rooms upstairs together in the same elevator.

Mayer and Williams had dinner with a friend at El Toro Blanco in New York’s West Village on the same evening. But the pair then left the hotel separately on Saturday morning.

Williams is rumored to be dating Mayer’s friend, Ricky Van Veen, but she turned up with the 35-year-old singer to an event for the fashion store American Two Shot at the hotel.

A witness noted, “Allison and John walked in together and separated to talk to respective friends. They then made their way back to each other, and John had his arm around Allison’s waist. They were talking together for a bit before leaving.”

They also confirmed that Williams’ boyfriend wasn’t there with the duo, stating, “They were with another guy, who wasn’t Ricky, but they seemed to be in an intense conversation the entire night and were sitting across from each other at the booth-style table.”

“They were sitting down when we got there for our 10 pm reservation, and they stayed until around 11:30 pm. They stayed there pretty late until the restaurant was clearing out.”

Do you think that John Mayer would cheat on Katy Perry with Allison Williams?