Paul Walker’s Family And Friends Still Dealing With His Death

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It’s been nearly five years since actor Paul Walker passed away in a tragic car accident. He was the passenger in his friend’s car in Santa Clarita, California, and both of them passed away. Walker was the star of the worldwide successful franchise Fast and the Furious and had a teenage daughter. His family and friends are still coping with his death.

According to E! News, Walker’s family and friends have contributed to a new documentary called I Am Paul Walker, which is about the reluctant movie star. The documentary has home videos and exclusive interviews from Walker’s family and Walker himself.

His younger brothers Cody and Caleb opened up to E! News about what life’s been like since Paul’s passing. When asked why they decided to contribute to the documentary, Cody said, “This is bringing people back together again while at the same time honoring Paul and all of the wonderful things he did because he did so much for so many people.”

His brother Caleb said how great of a person Walker was and they wanted to highlight that. “He kind of forgot about himself sometimes, he took care of so many other people around him. That’s one thing that kind of eats us up… he had such a big heart but he wouldn’t always find time for his own well-being,” he explained.

Paul Walker, Vin Diesel and Tyrese Gibson
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They screened the documentary early this week. Paul’s daughter Meadow was not in attendance though she has seen it already. When asked why Meadow, now 19, wasn’t at the screening, Cody said, “Paul was a lot of things to a lot of people and it’s tough because being the daughter that grew up in a non-traditional type of household with a dad she had to share the world with is really difficult. She’s dealing with it in her own way as everybody has done.”

She also did not participate in the making of the film. “She’s a reserved young lady. She’s on the shyer, more reserved side. Maybe she needed a few more years, who knows. But we totally respect that. Obviously we would’ve loved to have her in it, but she wasn’t ready,” Caleb explained.

Meadow isn’t very close to her uncles but she does keep in contact with his co-stars Vin Diesel and Tyrese Gibson. Caleb and Cody went on to say how his co-stars were there for the family in their time of need, specifically Vin Diesel.

“We call him our godfather. He’s definitely been there for us when we needed him. We are very thankful for him. Tyrese has invited us over to the house. Tyrese is hilarious. He’s just so dynamic and always there for us,” Caleb said.

I Am Paul Walker is now available to watch on the Paramount Network.