Ramona Singer Attacks Bethenny Frankel On The ‘RHONY’ Reunion About Breast Implants

Theo WargoGetty Images

The fur will be flying on the Real Housewives of New York reunion, and once again Ramona Singer is taking aim at big dog Bethenny Frankel in a new clip from Bravo (available on YouTube) for one of the strangest reasons yet. Singer comes for Bethenny for allegedly having breast implants, when she has publicly stated that she has them herself.

Hollywood Life says that everyone seems on edge for the RHONY season 10 reunion, and that includes host Andy Cohen. Ramona Singer gets so hostile towards Bethenny Frankel that she stops to insult her while screaming at her.

“Don’t say a f**king thing with your fake t*ts!”

It’s difficult to tell from the clip where that particular insult comes from, but Singer certainly seems angry. Backstage, Frankel seemed to know it was coming as she said she thought she might have to do battle with each of the other women.

“This is like Game of Thrones. I’m like the mother of dragons fighting multiple blondes. You know, make the first one count.”

This first clip of the RHONY reunion shows that Frankel is definitely the main target as many of the ladies seem to be yelling over each other to attack Bethenny. Cohen tries to keep the peace and finally just yells.

“I want to hear her f**king answer!”

In 2016 after her marriage ended, Ramona Singer talked about her own breast implant surgery with PageSix saying that she loves the results. She explained that having the surgery made her feel better about herself.

“I’m feeling really good. A weight has been lifted off me and that’s reflected in my face and my spirit and my body.”

Singer boasted that her plastic surgeon thought “she was nuts” to get implants because she already had such great breasts.

“I’ve always had great breasts. My legs and my breasts have always been great features. In fact my doctor, she thought I was nuts, she didn’t even want to touch my breasts.”

Singer, who is over sixty says that she had the surgery done to feel good about herself in the fight against gravity.

“I did it for me … I wanted to feel sexier. And before, because I am over 50, let’s face it, gravity hits. It wasn’t hitting that badly, but I wanted to look perkier. I wanted to be perky the way I was in my 30s.”

So it makes no sense that Singer would criticize Bethenny Frankel for having breast surgery when she has had it herself, so fans will have to tune in to find out what the fight is really about.