‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ Stars Label Season 3 Reunion Taping A ‘Sh**show’

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The Season 3 cast members of the hit Bravo reality show Below Deck Mediterranean have had their ups and downs. From love triangles to steamy hookups to Jezebob (the blackout drunk alter-ego of cast mate Joao Franco), the season has been packed with hi-jinks.

Now, at the tail end of the season, the “Reunion Show” has now been taped, and according to castmates Kasey Cohen and Jamie Jason, everything truly hit the fan during its recording.

“It was a sh*tshow. I went in there knowing it was going to be a sh*tshow, but everyone was like, ‘No it’s going to be fine!’ And I was like, I know these people, and I was right. She thought it was going to be fine too…. I mean, it was a sh*tshow for us, but I think you guys are going to really enjoy it,” said Kasey Cohen in an interview with Decider.

The program follows the work and lives of the crew of a luxury yacht that caters to elite passengers on charters throughout the Mediterranean. The locale for Season 3 was the Amalfi Coast off of Italy, setting a truly spectacular backdrop for an explosive season.

They see me floatin’, they hatin’

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“I thought it was going to be all dandy but apparently not,” said Jamie Jason, a deckhand and Kasey’s roommate aboard the Talisman Maiton.

While Jamie herself has managed to stay relatively drama free this season, except for getting into a tiff with Joao and falling ill while on charter, Kasey has been involved in several scandals. One of the stories this season has followed her involvement in a love triangle between lead deck hand Joao Franco and second stewardess Brooke Laughton. There was also an uproar when it came to light that her CV was made up and that she had no experience in many of the skills listed in it, though she was able to redeem herself and avoid being fired. Kasey also started a hubbub when she revealed that she had been celibate for the last eight years. These acts are just the tip of the iceberg for the shenanigans the cast gets up to.

With two episodes left to air before the reunion, the situations between each of the cast mates could still drastically change. Below Deck Mediterranean airs Tuesday night at 9 p.m. Eastern on Bravo.