Sexiest Instagram Photos Of Abby Huntsman, Co-Host Of 'The View'

Inquisitr Staff

The newest co-host of the ABC talk show The View is Abby Huntsman, formerly a reporter for Fox News and MSNBC. Huntsman is a bit of a renegade for only being 32. She had a high-profile split with the Mormon church that made waves given her family's position within the religion. Despite being a Republican, and the daughter of the former Republican governor of Utah, Jon Huntsman, she is seen in many ways as being progressive on a number of social issues that most Republicans have remained very conservative on. Another thing she does that not many of her contemporaries do is she maintains a "real" social media presence that isn't the product of a PR team.

Huntsman uses her social media presence to talk about issues that are important to her, as discussed at the Inquisitr, but she also uses them to connect with people. She provides a look into her life, whether it be with her family, playing with the dog, or posting pictures where she is quite definitely looking very sexy. Those moments lounging on the beach in a bikini or dressed to the nines for a night out are a part of her life, and she happily shares them with her fans and the world.