Jennifer Aniston's Trainer, Leyon Azubuike, Shares Secrets To Jen's Sexy Body With Boxing Routine

Kathryn Cook

Since she first gained fame in her role as Rachel Green on the hit show Friends years ago, one thing has remained constant in Jennifer Aniston's life — her incredible body.

Time and time again, the actress has been spotted showing off her incredible figure in bikinis or daisy duke shorts. But it's not like the body that she has was just given to her. The 49-year-old has had to work hard for it! In a new interview with Us Weekly, Jennifer's boxing trainer, Leyon Azubuike, is sharing all of the actress' workout secrets.

"The thing with Jen is that she works out very hard and very intense, so the workout is ever changing. It is always evolving because I have to continue to challenge her," he says.

Azubuike founded the boxing studio Gloveworx and has been training Aniston with workouts that are broken up into four segments: "dynamic warm-up, grind phase, core work and cool down." The reason that the workout is broken up into segments is so that Aniston can perform at her best during the entire workout, no matter what phase she's in, the trainer says.

The warmup is aimed to get blood pumping, according to Azubuike.

"For example, one thing I like to use is jogging and getting the body sweaty and ready to go, also something like butt kicks, where heels are coming to the glutes and you are pumping your arms in a swinging motion or they are behind your back."

"We really like to keep this evolving because if you do something for too long, your body may adapt to it and your changes with be more subtle, if at all, We like to introduce things that are muscle confusion, new movements that she is not used to that will continue to challenge her to give her very best."

Obviously, the workout is paying off for Aniston, who still looks incredible in a bikini at the age of 49.