Former Press Secretary Charles Anson Says Camilla Parker Bowles Will Be Perfect Queen

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The former press secretary of Queen Elizabeth II, Charles Anson, has said that Camilla Parker Bowles will be the perfect queen. According to the Daily Star, Anson says Bowles, 70, will make the perfect “Queen Consort” when her husband, Prince Charles, takes the throne.

Anson, who advised the queen for six years, commended Bowles’ ability to help Prince Charles avoid getting overburdened with the world.

“She’s got a good philosophy about life: ‘There are things you can change, other things you can’t change… Don’t get too hung up about it,'” said Anson.

Bowles herself has said that she feels it’s important to keep a sense of humor throughout life’s difficulties.

“You’ve got to laugh through most things, and sometimes I do laugh a bit too much,” she said in an interview with the Mail. “There are situations where it’s very difficult not to lose it completely, especially, you know, if something goes terribly wrong and everybody sits there for a split second [not sure how to react].”

Despite Anson’s feelings about Bowles, she has faced an uphill battle to be viewed positively in the public eye. Bowles and Prince Charles met in 1970 at a polo match. Though they began a relationship, Prince Charles broke off the relationship when he became engaged to Princess Diana. After Prince Charles and Princess Diana separated, she revealed that Prince Charles and Bowles had an affair. According to the Cheat Sheet, “Charles’ mistress was vilified by many for breaking up Diana and Charles’ marriage and was referred to as the ‘most hated woman in Britain.'”

In 2005, the pair became engaged. Prince Charles’ friends did not go to the ceremony, but they did host the reception. It took a while for the public opinion on Bowles to change, but after a documentary was released about her life, and after Prince Harry said, “She is a wonderful woman and she’s made our father very very happy, which is the most important thing. William and I love her to bits,” it seemed like public opinion changed.

But though the public has softened their views on Bowles, a poll by the Daily Express says “67 % did not support Bowles taking the title of queen when Charles becomes king.”

Whether Bowles will be known as Queen Consort when Prince Charles takes the throne is unknown. But many feel that she will have some tough shoes to fill in the form of Princess Diana. “[Princess Diana] truly was the ‘People’s Princess,’ and that is a standard hard for anyone to live up to.”