Dog Owner Remortgages Home To Offer $16,000 Reward For Her Stolen Pet

A dog owner who had her pet stolen before her eyes over a month ago has gone to extreme lengths to get her back.

Eight weeks ago, Angel, who is a German short-haired pointer, was stolen in front of Dawn Maw’s eyes. The dog is still missing, but Maws has not only remortgaged her home in order to put up a $16,000 reward for Angel’s return home; she has also taken unpaid leave from work and cancelled Christmas in order to continue her search.

The champion dog, who has appeared at Crufts and won five champion titles at dog shows nationwide, was taken from a car park in Barnsley, South Yorkshire on December 6. Maws, who is married with one child and two stepchildren, cancelled the holiday season stating, “a member of the family was missing,” and spent these weeks looking for Angel as well as spreading the word over her disappearance.

Since then she has spent over $5,000 putting up 15,000 posters and handing out 35,000 business cards throughout her town. She has even hired a pet detective agent at the cost of $1,000. Maws has traveled across the United Kingdom looking for Angel, spending thousands of pounds on petrol, and she has even lost two stone due to stress.

Hundreds of supporters have donated over $5,000 through a Facebook page that she set-up, but she has now spent more than $10,000 on the search herself.

Maws stated about the dog, “She is part of my family and belongs here in the house with me. I believe a dog is for life and not a throwaway item.”