Eric Trump’s ‘Snake’ Tweet Backfires As First Son’s Post Goes Viral And Twitter Tears President’s Son Apart

Richard DrewAP Images

President Donald Trump’s sons Don Jr. and Eric are always vocal about having their father’s back, especially via their social media pages. Sometimes, however, the two men tweet things that generate a firestorm and prompt a massive response that surely isn’t quite what the Trump men intended. It looks like that was the case on Tuesday when a post of Eric’s went viral, but not necessarily in the way he had hoped.

Tuesday evening, Eric Trump tweeted a post that simply contained two hashtags: #NoGoodDeedGoesUnpunished and #SnakeInTheGrass. The president’s son didn’t include any context with the tweet, leaving everybody else on Twitter to guess what he was thinking when he put up the post. However, given all of the drama regarding former White House staffer Omarosa Manigault Newman in the media on Tuesday, it seems certain that Eric’s post was meant as a dig at her.

Naturally, a fair number of Eric’s Twitter followers were supportive in their responses to his tweet. Interestingly, the tweet from the president’s son got more than 10,000 likes and 2,300 retweets, despite it being fairly cryptic and vague.

One follower said that the tweet showed how big the president’s heart is, noting that the president is a great dad. However, it looked like Eric’s post generated far more criticism than support. There were numerous tweets pointing out that the president is the one who hired Omarosa to begin with and that Trump claimed he would hire only the “best” people. In addition, there were quite a few posts insulting Eric’s intelligence.

As the responses built up on Twitter, there were references made to the proposed Space Force, the allegations that Eric and the Trump family misused charitable funds, white privilege, and white fragility. A significant number of folks on Twitter also referenced the president having called Omarosa a dog via Twitter on Tuesday, a reference that has generated a lot of negative discussion in the press and across social media.

Since putting the snake-related post up on Twitter, the president’s son has liked some of his father’s tweets, including one where the president wished California Congresswoman Maxine Trump a happy birthday. However, he hasn’t engaged with the negative tweets directed toward him with his good deeds/snakes in the grass dig.

Eric Trump will very likely continue to do what he’s already been doing, which is supporting his father in his presidency and ignoring the criticism he gets as a result. That approach seems to be working for him, even if it does frequently provide others across social media an opportunity to have some fun at his expense.