Nina Dobrev Dons Revealing Shark Inspired Wetsuit On Instagram, Raises Awareness Of Marine Conservation

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Although Discovery’s famous “Shark Week” event may be over according to CNN, that doesn’t mean that everyone has forgotten about our finned friends of the ocean — most notably young Canadian actress turned activist Nina Dobrev. Taking to popular social media platform Instagram today to post a trio of artistic photographs featuring herself, a friend, and a number of sharks swimming together, Dobrev explained that it was all in the service of a great cause.

In the first shot, Nina Dobrev appears swimming casually, showing off toned legs and a perky posterior as she moves effortlessly through the water. It seems likely that the shot was shot from above, as Dobrev is wearing a snorkel and attached mask but not any scuba gear or oxygen tank despite the photographic illusion of her being well underwater — coinciding with the fact that the shark fins are very prominent below her, the tops of the animals featuring prominently in the Insta snap. Her wetsuit, part of the Xcel Wetsuit line entitled “Water Inspired” in aesthetic homage to the endangered subspecies known more commonly as Whale Sharks — famous for their bright white spotting and speckling something like a leopard — gets a shout out in the caption as well.

“70 to 100 million sharks are killed every year mostly for something called shark fin soup. What stops people from caring is often that they are so afraid but the reality is that we can coexist with sharks if we are respectful of their behavior and ecological role as apex predators. Wearing the new conservation and awareness line by @xcelwetsuits designed by marine biologist/conservationist @oceanramsey to help represent the endangered whale shark and the plight of sharks and the ocean. Help show your support #HelpSaveSharks #SaveTheOcean @juansharks @oceanramsey @oceana”

In the second of the three shared pictures, Nina Dobrev is joined by her friend Ocean Ramsey — a dive tour operator, model, and activist in her own right on behalf of many of the world’s most threatened creatures. Ocean Ramsey is a renowned shark conservationist and marine biologist who was called upon to help design the wetsuit line on offer in these most recent shares. The pair are picturesque in their pose as they swim with the sharks; the deep blue ocean obscuring a half-dozen finned friends as framed by the well-composed photograph.

In the final picture in the series, Nina Dobrev can be seen diving deep below the surface, hands by her sides, as air bubbles escape her snorkel. A shark swims casually below as the bright aqua of the surface water slowly blends darker as the depth of the water increases in a gradient effect that lends an artistic air to the proceedings.

Featured image credit: Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

Dobrev’s fans and followers on Instagram seem to have taken a keen interest in the short session shared to the world, with over 300,000 likes and loves having been showered down on her, Ocean Ramsey, and the sharks in question since the snaps were posted about two hours ago.

The photographs between all parties involved are in support of Ocean Ramsey and company’s newest film endeavor in the form of Saving Jaws, which the creators say is “coming soon.”