Meghan Markle’s Father Is Capitalizing On His 15 Minutes Of Fame By Launching A Clothing Line

Michael SteeleGetty Images

Thomas Markle and his oldest daughter Samantha continue to do whatever they can to get the attention of family member, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, but through a variety or missteps and tabloid interviews, they’ve just managed to widen the rift. So while many people were asking now what, the estranged Markles have decided to launch a men’s clothing line to capitalize on the press comments that Thomas Markle was overweight and “schlubby.”

PageSix says that Samantha Markle announced on Twitter that her father is moving forward with this latest attempt to ride on Meghan Markle’s coattails.

“So excited about my father’s new #clothing line for men!” Samantha wrote. “Will keep you posted!”

Samantha Markle, who has stated she is writing a tell-all about her half-sister with the title Pushy Princess, was the person who organized the fake tabloid photo shoot which potentially ended up causing Thomas Markle to miss the royal wedding.

But Samantha Markle is unrepentant and thinks that the rest of the Markle family has the right to cash in on the Duchess’ good luck.

“Let’s face it — we all have to survive. Money makes the world go round, so if you want to call that cashing in, that’s fine, but I think no one in media would refuse a paycheck for talking about the royal and, as a family, we’re not subject to royal protocol.”

Samantha and Thomas Markle have made various television appearances in Great Britain and said that they don’t care if people find their money grab to be crass.

“With all due respect, it’s not just Meghan. We’re entitled to share that. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. It’s not disparaging. It’s not harmful.”

While Meghan Markle has been long known as a fashion plate, sources say that Thomas Markle is known as being a “sweatpants enthusiast.” Elle Magazine says that Samantha Markle hasn’t taken questions about the proposed clothing line because she has her Twitter account set to private so that her tweets can be read, but only certain people are allowed to respond.

As a fashion magazine, Elle was confused about how far Thomas Markle and daughter Samantha will go with this men’s fashion line idea, and if it’s really just one more way to get under Duchess Meghan’s skin.

“But a fashion line! What will he call it? TheTigsDad, in remembrance of his daughter’s old lifestyle site, The Tig? Will the fashion line grow into a lifestyle site too, where Thomas himself blogs about Meghan still refusing to talk to him, her poor old man? Will he make staged pap strolls wearing his line and gazing longingly at photos on a computer of his duchess daughter? Will he try to send samples of the line to Kensington Palace for Prince Harry to wear and then tell the world about the couple ignoring that too?”

Elle thinks that Samantha Markle’s tweet is currently creating many more questions than it is providing answers.