Bethenny Frankel Slams Carole Radziwell At ‘RHONY’ Reunion Show

Dimitrios Kambouris Getty Images

In a preview for the upcoming reunion show of Real Housewives of New York, businesswoman Bethenny Frankel slams fellow castmate Carole Radziwell. Apparently, the argument started after co-star Dorinda Medley said “let the pain begin” as the women sat down to talk about the previous season. As Hollywood Life reports, Medley’s comments come on the heels of Frankel “throwing shade at [the other women] for an entire season.”

Frankel, who has always spoken her mind, said in an interview last week that most of her castmates “can’t afford the lives they’re living.”

“If the music stops, they’re going to get in some trouble,” she added. There was speculation that Frankel’s comments were about Radziwell, whose alleged feud with Frankel caused her to leave the show abruptly. She stated that her choice to leave the show was to allow her to focus on “journalism and producing.” According to Hollywood Life, a source close to the housewives says that Frankel is “a liar and a bully.” The source added that each season, Frankel decides who to pick on, and on Season 10, it happened to be Radziwell and Medley.

Additionally, the source said that Frankel consistently maligns the other women and downplays their accomplishments. They noted that each cast member had a career prior to joining RHONY and that Frankel only became successful because of the show. And it’s possibly because of Frankel’s success that this source believes that she’s allowed to behave badly.

“She is edited in the best possible light so viewers don’t see what the cast and the producers see. We’d all prefer for Carole to stay and Bethenny to leave,” the source said.

At the reunion show, Radziwell can be seen calling Frankel a “f**king liar.” Bethenny then mocks Radziwell for her comments.

“This is like Game of Thrones. I’m like the mother of dragons fighting multiple blondes. You know, make the first one count,” says Frankel as she is interviewed while getting ready backstage.

The argument became so heated that host Andy Cohen, who normally handles reunion shows with a level head, shouts, “I want to hear her f**king answer!” as the women all shout at Bethenny.

Frankel also calls Medley a “drunk.” Another castmate, Ramona Singer, calls Frankel out, saying she doesn’t support other women. When Frankel attempts to address Singer’s claim, Singer slams Frankel.

“Don’t say a f**king thing with your fake t**s,” said Singer.

The reunion show will air in three parts beginning August 22.