A Tape Of Donald Trump Saying The N-Word Would Make His Supporters Like Him Even More, ‘NYT’ Columnist Says

Chris O'MearaAP Images

There have long been rumors of a tape showing Donald Trump saying the N-word, but one New York Times columnist thinks this could actually be a boost for Trump among his supporters if it did exist and were to be released.

This week, ousted White House adviser Omarosa Manigault Newman has been sharing all manner of dirt from her time in the Trump administration, including repeating claims that Trump is on tape using racist language while he was on The Apprentice. As The Hill noted, New York Times columnist Charles Blow believes such a tape wouldn’t be that big a political blow for a president who has made a habit of using racially charged language.

Blow noted that Trump had already shown reluctance to denounce white supremacists who marched in Charlottesville last year and promoting racial division on a number of other occasions.

“I think if you found a tape of him saying the N-word it might actually increase his support among the people who support him,” Blow said in an appearance on CNN. “This is exactly what they want him to do.”

“If you’re still supporting him after Charlottesville, if you’re still supporting him after what he said about Haiti and an African country, if you’re still supporting him what he said about Mexicans, if you’re still supporting him after he said Islam hates us, then this is what you want from him.”

Blow said he is also perplexed at how there is still debate over whether Trump is racist and said there is now no difference between “the person who has the racist philosophy and the person who supports the person with the racist philosophy.”

“Not all the Germans who stayed silently while they dragged people into gas chambers hated the Jews but you were silent and then you let it happen,” he said. “Not everybody in America owned slaves, but too many of them were silent.”

Donald Trump has long been accused of using racially charged and even racist language, from claims that Mexicans entering the United States are rapists to calling African nations “sh**hole countries” to sharing a “black crime statistics” graphic that used false numbers and was compiled by a neo-Nazi. This week, he also came under fire for referring to Omarosa as a “dog” in a tweet, with critics noting that it is a misogynistic slur that has historically been used to dehumanize African-Americans.