Kim Kardashian Posts Sexy, Smokey-Eyed Snap To Instagram With Scary Caption

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Kim Kardashian West appears to be channeling her inner femme fatale today, as best evidenced by her most recent — and perhaps most dangerous — share to Instagram yet.

In the social media share, Kim K. looks on point, hair cut short — a few inches above shoulder length — in a perfect bob. Her complexion is flawless and the lighting or filters applied to the photograph smooth out the tone even further, hiding any imperfections. Plump lips draped in a semi-glossy nude tone remain ever so slightly parted in a neutral expression, while bright grey-green eyes pierce the camera in a look of sheer intensity. Impossibly long eyelashes jut out from above and below her eyes, curling without meshing messily, avoiding cosmetic chaos.

Her ensemble, or what is hinted of it, appears elegant and classic. A small black dress, straps showing about her shoulders and collarbone, is hinted at from out of frame. A casual pose of her hand placed just inside the shot shows a simple diamond wedding band, a replacement for her ostentatious multi-million dollar affair, according to People.

It’s an extreme close up selfie taken from the front seat of what appears to be one of Kim Kardashian’s no-doubt endless fleet of luxury cars, with her face and upper chest taking up about three quarters of the photographic scenery. Her make-up appears picture perfect, with nary a hair nor a bit of foundation or eyes hadow out of place, lending an air of lethal credibility to her caption, which simply states a poetic and ambiguous threat.

I thought about killing you

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“I thought about killing you.”

The phrase comes from her husband’s musical repertoire, as the title of the first track on Kanye West’s newest album, which was released on the first day of June this year. The album, entitled simply Ye, reached the top spot on the Billboard charts in the first week following its release, according to Rolling Stone, making West the only other artist other than Eminem to be able to lay claim to such an achievement.

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The post has been extremely popular on social media thus far, with over 700,00 Instagram users having liked or loved the picture in less than an hour. Kardashian boasts one of the world’s largest social media fandoms, with 115 million followers on Insta, making her one of the biggest influencers currently in the game. Paired up with her husband, the power couple are not just two of the biggest names on the internet, but also in the reality television and rap game as well.