‘RHONJ’ Star Joe Giudice Loses His Bid To Stop Deportation Proceedings

Rich SchultzAP Images

Things are not looking up for RHONJ star Joe Giudice as his request to dispatch with the United States government’s deportation proceedings was unsuccessful, and the Department of Homeland Security will continue their attempt to deport the Italian citizen. And added to that bad news, Giudice’s wife Teresa did not show up to support him, and he returned to prison to await a September hearing.

Joe Giudice and his lawyers attempted to mount a case to get the deportation matter dropped so he can stay in the United States after he serves his prison sentence, but that didn’t work out as planned, says Radar Online. Teresa Giudice claimed she wasn’t attending the meeting allegedly because it would be proforma and taken care of quickly.

But Homeland Security is going full speed ahead with the deportation process.

“Homeland Security claimed the star did not provide ‘enough evidence’ to prove he should remain in the country with his famous wife and four daughters.”

This seemingly caught Giudice and his team off guard and they asked for some additional time to prove their case.

“Judge Ellington ruled that Giudice and his counsel could take more time to collect any possible evidence, and the next hearing was scheduled for September 5.”

This will be the last opportunity Joe Giudice has to submit additional information before the final decision is made. Radar Online says that an immigration lawyer not involved in the case said that that there is nearly a 100 percent chance that Joe will be deported.

Sources close to Teresa Giudice say that the whole matter is stressful and that’s why she’s avoiding the hearings.

“Teresa is saying that she isn’t going to court for the hearing. She just can’t take the stress, and she believes nothing will happen anyway, so she doesn’t need to be there.”

The Justice Department says that they already have Joe Giudice in the pipeline for deportation.

“[Giudice is in] removal proceedings” as a result of his fraud crimes. They added that Giudice is “in deportation proceedings while he’s in custody. ICE has lodged a detainer, and he is in removal proceedings.”

The Giudice daughters have been to visit their father in prison, but Teresa has been avoiding the prison visits and opting to stay at the shore.

“Teresa spends all her time down at the shore. She doesn’t spend it with Joe. Teresa has never admitted Joe is going to get deported. She lives in a fantasy world. She just believes everything is going to be ok.”

Joe Giudice has another court date next month.