MLB Trade Rumors: Curtis Granderson Clears Waivers Making Return To Yankees Possible

News broke last night that the Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Curtis Granderson has cleared revocable waivers and is now free to be traded to any team. This is the first step, in the process of Toronto being able to move their veteran outfielder as they look to rebuild with cheaper and younger talent.

Since the non-waiver trading deadline passed on July 31, Granderson has received little interest from other teams, allowing him to easily clear waivers. The one team that has consistently been involved in discussions about Granderson is the Yankees, who have a need for an outfielder.

At 37, Granderson isn’t necessarily who you would expect the Yankees to trade for, but with key players on the DL and no guarantee anyone returns on schedule or can shoulder a full workload as soon as they do return, Granderson makes sense.

Granderson would only be owed about $1.3 million on his remaining contract, according to Baseball Reference. His deal expires this year, making him an affordable acquisition monetarily. Since Toronto will get nothing for Granderson when he hits free agency, it makes sense for them to move him now for basically anyone.

Toronto likely cannot command more than a middling prospect or two in A or AA for Granderson at this point in his career, even with the Yankees having a need for him. In having waited to move the “Grandyman,” Toronto absorbed more of his salary, gave other teams more time to fill roster holes, and left them with only a couple suitors, although the Phillies are not considered serious buyers anymore. That means what Toronto is basically doing is dumping some salary.

For the Yankees, Granderson making a return to the Bronx would mean they would have someone that is serviceable enough in the outfield. He can’t cover ground like he used to, but he won’t hurt the team with errors. stated he can be no worse than Neil Walker who is playing the position for the first time in his career, or Shane Robinson who has a recently anemic bat. Granderson can still swing a bat, and he has always hit well in Yankee Stadium, which is the bulk of what he would be asked to do. He won’t wilt under the bright lights of New York, and he has postseason experience which any team can always use.

The only thing that appears to be standing in the way of the deal happening right now is Yankee GM Brian Cashman sitting down and hammering something out. After weeks of rumors and speculation, it would appear the deal will be done, and more than likely within the next 72 hours. It may not steal headlines outside of New York, but it will give each team what they need right now.