‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Fans Blast Becca Kufrin For Showing Up With A Camera Crew To Clear The Air With Colton

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Bachelor Nation is not happy with Becca Kufrin. The Bachelorette star pulled an Arie (sort of) when she showed up on Bachelor in Paradise to clear the air with her rejected suitor Colton Underwood—as cameras rolled. Kufrin, who is happily engaged to Garrett Yrigoyen, seemingly put salt in Colton’s wounds as she showed up with ABC’s cameras to hash things out with a still-hurting Colton as the summertime spinoff filmed in Mexico.

Kufrin’s arrival in Paradise was timed perfectly to a revelation that Colton was having over the fact that he wasn’t completely over Becca and was ready to go home. The former NFL player looked like he saw a ghost when Becca showed up to have a “chat.”

Colton admitted that seeing Becca in Paradise was a surprise, and not necessarily a good one at first.

“Honestly, seeing you is the last thing I expected today,” Underwood told Kufrin. “It sort of messed me up. I came here not knowing if I was ready to get back out there and not knowing what I wanted to do.”

Underwood did get answers to some lingering questions that had been haunting him ever since Kufrin sent him packing after his hometown date. Becca assured Colton that his ex, Tia Booth’s, confession that she had feelings for him did not sway her decision to send him home.

“When we said goodbye, it was hard. There was a lot that I think went unsaid. I don’t want it to hinder you or make you question anything. It was just how I was feeling at the time. …Yes, I saw Tia that day that I sent you home. It wasn’t the conversation though that changed my mind. I had the other guys that I just felt stronger in my relationship and that I felt would fit in my life better.”

Kufrin went on to encourage Colton to let his emotions fly in Paradise.

“You know you’re a strong person. It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to feel things that aren’t always pretty and perfect. Don’t be ashamed to let that out. I find it attractive and I know every girl here will find it attractive.”

Shockingly, Colton decided to take Becca’s advice and give Paradise another go.

“You’ve given me that closure that I think I was looking for. I’m going to try to give it my all,” he said.

While Colton seemed relieved after talking to Becca, many fans of the franchise slammed The Bachelorette star for showing up and “torturing” Colton with a personal conversation on camera much the way that Arie Luyendyk Jr. did to her when he dumped her after proposing to her on The Bachelor finale earlier this year.

Bachelor in Paradise fans blasted Becca Kufrin and producers of the show for humiliating Colton by bringing the ABC leading lady to the show despite the fact that she is in a happy relationship with Garrett and has no experience with Paradise or any real reason to be there.

You can see some of the tweets from irate Bachelor fans below.

Colton Underwood previously revealed that seeing Becca in Paradise was extremely difficult for him.

“I don’t need to be reminded of what I just went through,” he said as he saw Kufrin from afar. “I don’t know if I can stay composed in a conversation with her.”

Colton was able to stay composed, although Bachelor Nation felt that Becca showing up was another cruel blow to Colton, who was already been through the wringer on the show.

Me after the first three days in paradise...

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Last month, Underwood told Entertainment Tonight he wasn’t expecting to get so emotional while in Paradise, but that he also has no regrets about doing the show.

“I think, you know, just coming out of a relationship with Becca, and I’m dealing with Tia at the same time, and I’m also on a beach with a bunch of beautiful women and some of my friends, so I wasn’t expecting to feel the emotions that I felt,” Colton said in July. “I’m very happy that I went on Paradise. You can tell in the last episode, there’s a lot of conversations that need to be had. It was also another time to put myself out there and take a shot at finding love and dating other women.”

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays on ABC.