Selena Gomez Struggling In Her Love Life: ‘People Don’t Want To Be With Her,’ Reports ‘Hollywood Life’

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Selena Gomez is said to be struggling in her love life following her split with Justin Bieber, who is now engaged to Hailey Baldwin.

According to an August 14 report by Hollywood Life, Selena Gomez is finding it hard to find someone to date, and allegedly believes that her past dating history with Justin Bieber could have something to do with it.

Sources tell the outlet that Gomez is currently in a bit of a dating slump, and that she has nearly given up on dating for the time being. Dating is “hard” for her right now, and she can’t seem to meet anyone worth her time.

“Selena feels like right now dating is not in the cards. She thinks that it is hard to find someone because of her celebrity and its hard to meet people organically. Plus she always thinks how it will be perceived to be with someone in the outside world. She hates being defined by the people she doesn’t know on who she dates or doesn’t date. She can’t hang out with anyone without it turning into something and she knows it scares away the chance of love because there are so many more layers to break through for any suitors that might want to be with her,” an insider told the outlet

Meanwhile, the source goes on to add that Selena Gomez can’t find anyone who wants to be with her because her celebrity lifestyle and relationship history seems to come with “baggage.”

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Currently, Selena is said to be trying to figure out who she is before jumping back into another relationship. “It’s a process she wouldn’t like to deal with but she knows that it is her life and she has to manage it appropriately,” the insider claims.

As many fans will remember, Selena Gomez has had a rocky on again, off again romance with Justin Bieber. The couple called it quits for the last time in March. Only a few months later, Bieber was engaged to his current girlfriend, Hailey Baldwin.

Gomez also dated singer The Weeknd for 10 months in 2017 before ending the romance in October. That was a difficult time for Selena, who only weeks before the split had to undergo a kidney transplant due to her struggle with lupus.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Selena Gomez now knows exactly what kind of guy she wants, and is not going to stop until she finds him. In fact, she even made a list of qualities her perfect guy must possess, which allegedly includes being attractive, a good communicator, smart, funny, and someone who is understanding of her high-profile job.

It looks like Selena will continue to look for Mr. Right following her recent failed relationships.