Omarosa Book: Donald Trump Jr. Had Affair With Aubrey O’Day After Trump Sr. Told Married Son To ‘Get Some A**’

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Aubrey O’Day, the former lead singer of girl group Danity Kane, was long rumored to have carried on an affair with Donald Trump Jr. after the two met on the set of Trump Sr.’s reality show Celebrity Apprentice in 2011, according to The Cut celebrity news site, which also noted that the 34-year-old O’Day in 2013 recorded a song titled DJT, which seemed to be her account of the affair with the then-married Trump Jr., who would have been 34 years old in 2011 when the alleged affair began.

Now, Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House, a new and much discussed book by former Apprentice contestant and now-fired White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman, has offered confirmation of the affair between Trump Jr. and O’Day, according to excerpts from the book published by Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper.

O’Day told Omarosa, according to the Daily Mail excerpts, that Trump Jr. planned to leave his wife for her, and she showed Manigault Newman a series of “dirty texts” the pair had exchanged.

In fact, the book says, the elder Trump encouraged his married son to have an affair, telling him that he needed to “get some a**,” according to Omarosa’s account in the book. In 2008 at the time Trump gave his son encouragement to get “a**,” he had been married to his current wife Melania for three years, and Trump Jr. had also been married since 2005 to his wife Vanessa.

Donald Trump, Omarosa, Aubrey O'Day,
Donald Trump Jr., who was encouraged by his father to have extramarital affairs, according to Omarosa Maginault-Newman.Featured image credit: Kathy WillenAP Images

Trump Sr. allegedly made the statements to his son in front of supermodel Carol Alt, with whom he was rumored to have carried on an affair. Alt has denied any romantic connection to Trump, according to People Magazine, but as the New York Daily News reported, she did say in 2016 that she supported Trump’s bid for the White House, saying, “He’ll shake things up.”

“Donald said something like, ‘Yeah, those were the good old days.’ He turned to Don Jr. and said, ‘You’ve got to get a** like that. You got to get some a** like that.’ Carol just sat there, Ivanka-like, and took it,” Omarosa writes in her book, which was scheduled to be released on Tuesday by Simon and Schuster. “I remember being disgusted, thinking, Donald, what are you talking about? Your son is married. His wife is pregnant.”

Omarosa Manigault Newman has been making headlines with allegations about Trump for several days, asserting that the elder Trump “absolutely” knew about hacked Democratic emails stolen by Russian agents before they were published online by WikiLeaks, as the Inquisitr reported. She also claims that Trump has been caught on tape using the “N-word” to refer to African Americans.

Omarosa says in the book that she believes Trump Jr.’s behavior in his marriage stemmed from a deep-rooted desire to please his father, who would “berate him in front of everyone using words like ‘wrong’ and ‘stupid.'”