The Sexiest Wonder Woman Cosplayers On Instagram

The fascination with Wonder Woman is something that transcends generations and gender since her first appearance in 1941. She has gone from being a peripheral character, to having her own television show, and now being one of the hottest up-and-coming film franchises in the world. When Wonder Woman came along, comics were very violent, and it was thought by comic creator Max Grimes that they might be too violent for children. According to CBS, he called in author William Moulton Marston for help in creating a new character, and Wonder Woman is who they came up with.

Knowing how Wonder Woman was created and how she was portrayed helps understand the influences that people look to when cosplaying her. In 1967, Linda Harrison would become the first TV Wonder Woman, but Elle Wood Walker played Diana Prince. The different actresses were supposed to show how massive her transformation to Wonder Woman was. When a TV movie came along in 1974, Cathy Lee Crosby took on the role, making Wonder Woman a blonde. For generations of fans, the Wonder Woman they remember is Lynda Carter who assumed the role in 1975. Now, Gal Gadot has reached a new generation of fans. While most Wonder Woman cosplayers today mimic the Gadot version, Carter inspires quite a few still, with the other versions present, but not overwhelming.

Instagram user Princess_of_themyscira_1227 is all about Wonder Woman cosplay. Just scanning her feed it is easy to see that she is a hardcore fan, and that translates to her cosplay being great. She goes with a costume that is so good, it would be easy to believe it came straight from the film's prop department. She rocks the hair perfectly and even has her brows on point. Her golden lariat is exceptional, and it is hard to find anyone that is more accurate, or sexier, that is cosplaying Wonder Woman right now.

This is another exceptional Gadot-inspired cosplay with a fantastic costume and, of course, a very sexy woman pulling it off. It's so good that at Geek Page where they collate some of the best cosplays on Instagram, this one is already one of their most popular ever, and it's only a few days old. It is worth noting that her sword is fantastic, and the only thing that is a little off is that her bracers are a bit too big, but who cares? She has pulled off one of the best and sexiest Wonder Woman cosplays on Instagram.Laura, who goes by Princess Frankenstein on Instagram, is fairly new to the cosplay world, but there is no doubt she pulls off the Lynda-Carter-era Wonder Woman well. Her costume is on the money, she looks comfortable in her gear which is awesome, and all the way down to the heels on her boots, she is working it. All the social media and con love she has been getting for her cosplay is deserved, and the total package she puts together makes her a very sexy Wonder Woman cosplayer.The great thing about cosplaying is there's no right or wrong way to do it, and everyone looks great when they get in their gear and briefly become the character they are emulating. While there are many beautiful people on Instagram doing a great job cosplaying Wonder Woman, these women happen to also be some of the sexiest doing it.