Thomas Ravenel Leaves ‘Southern Charm’ After Conflict Continues — ‘They Took Advantage Of Me’

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Season 6 of Southern Charm is going to look quite different as the Bravo hit television series will be without one of the most well-known names in Charleston. After recent reports from the Inquisitr that the entire cast had distanced themselves from Thomas Ravenel, they won’t have to work too hard at doing that any longer. After recent reports that he was back together with girlfriend Ashley Jacobs, Ravenel has quit the show after Season 5.

Page Six is reporting that on Tuesday, Ravenel decided to quit Southern Charm and not come back to the Bravo show. He tweeted out a message earlier in the day.

“I’m not doing the show anymore. In the contract they have the right to fictionalize your story. They took advantage of me. I decided I’ve got too much to lose and informed them I’m not coming back.”

Not long after tweeting out that message, Ravenel made his Twitter account protected which means he would have to approve those who wish to follow him. Now, his Twitter page is completely gone and the social media giant says it simply doesn’t exist.

Thomas Ravenel started out as one of the original cast members of Southern Charm when the show debuted back in 2014.

Doing a couch interview with JD.

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Back in May, Ravenel had allegations brought against him by multiple people who claim he sexually assaulted them. Two women claim he assaulted them in past years, but he has denied every allegation brought against him.

Bravo did say that they were going to be “conducting an investigation” into the situation and that is why he was not at the Season 5 reunion.

On Sunday, Thomas Ravenel made a post on Instagram in which he began speaking out about the false things being portrayed about him on Southern Charm. People stated that it didn’t take long for him to delete the post, but many still had the information to pass around.

“Lot of lies on #SouthernCharm. For example, I am sadistic [because] I requested 3 drug tests of [Kathryn Dennis] per week. Fact is I requested only 3 tests over the course of an entire year.”

The network did say that all allegations would be taken seriously and they would take appropriate action, if needed, after everything was gathered and reviewed. It seems as if Ravenel did not want to wait for Bravo to complete their investigation.

Southern Charm has really grown into one of the most popular shows on the Bravo network and it has come to rival any of those in the Real Housewives world. Throughout Season 5 of the show, the focus could have been on the storylines of everyone, but it was primarily on the relationship of Thomas Ravenel with his girlfriend Ashley Jacobs and the rest of the cast. Now, he may not even have his name mentioned in Season 6 as he has officially quit.