WWE Rumors: Multiple Ex-WWE Employees Comment On Randy Orton Misconduct Allegations


In the aftermath of WWE’s investigation into recently unearthed claims that Randy Orton allegedly hazed newcomers to the company’s creative team in a sexually inappropriate manner, multiple individuals have spoken up about the accusations, including a former WWE superstar, whose comments in a 2017 interview resurfaced earlier this week, and two other ex-writers.

According to Wrestling Inc., Ken Anderson, who previously competed in WWE under the name Mr. Kennedy and in TNA/Impact Wrestling under his real name, made several remarks in a 2017 YouShoot interview that hinted at Orton pulling pranks that were of a similarly questionable nature to the ones he has been accused him of. This included one incident where it was only himself and Orton in the locker room after a show.

“He was naked and he had just come out of the shower or something,” Anderson recalled.

“I remember my boots were sitting there and he kept dipping his c**k into my boot. I was like, ‘What are you doing?'”

Anderson, who had last wrestled for WWE in 2009, also alleged that Orton used to pull similar pranks while on the road, even if there wasn’t anyone else in the car they were riding on.

In his most recent column for the Sporting News, former WWE writer Kevin Eck said on Monday that he has been impressed by Randy Orton’s promos since his heel turn on SmackDown Live, but added that he doesn’t have any comment on the recent allegations made against him, aside from how he had “always avoided shaking hands” with him.

Similarly, another former creative team member, actor Freddie Prinze Jr., responded to a Twitter follower’s question on Monday, replying with a succinct “Hell no!” when he was asked if he had ever shaken hands with Orton during his time in WWE.

As recalled by Wrestling Inc., the allegations of misconduct against Randy Orton were first made by former WWE writer Court Bauer in a 2012 MLW Radio podcast, but only unearthed earlier this month by a Reddit user. According to Bauer, Orton was known to haze WWE’s new creative writers by putting his hand inside his pants, pulling out and touching his genitals, then offering to shake hands with the writers. Those who refused to shake his hand were allegedly subjected to verbal abuse from the 13-time world champion, with such intensity that the writers supposedly didn’t know whether Orton was serious or not.

In response to the six-year-old accusations, WWE issued a brief statement last week that simply confirmed that the company is “looking into the matter.” Currently, Orton is feuding with Jeff Hardy and reigning champion Shinsuke Nakamura for the United States Championship on SmackDown Live.